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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Band EDM Funk


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"That's Yuka not Yuca"

That’s Yuka not Yuca
Humber College program breeds fusion of music
By Kimberly Fu


Patric McGroarty insists the band is not named after a root vegetable. In fact, the Toronto-based nu funk group is actually spelt differently than the South American root, “Yuca�, among its many other unique characteristics.

Described as half-funk, half-nu jazz on its MySpace page, Yuka is bringing a whole new kind of beat to the ever-growing independent music scene in Toronto -- and McGroarty is fully aware of this.

Yuka originally began with a drummer and bassist when coming together in February of 2006. McGroarty described the meeting as an automatic chemistry, and future aspirations began to form immediately. The chemistry could also be because its drummer -- who also pens all their songs -- is named James Taylor.

“We may have to throw in a middle name if we become famous, like James W. Taylor,� McGroarty jokes. “We just threw in another horn and tenor player. I just want to take this band as far as possible, and play as many venues as possible.�

So far, his plan is working. After debuting an album just a couple weeks ago, McGroarty says they have already sold out the TRANZAC, a club in Toronto’s Annex area, and have just finished appearing at the Bloor Street Festival.

Next up: their June 28th appearance at Rancho Relaxo, a downtown-based Mexican restaurant which boasts live music, where Yuka will perform a set with two other bands: Linnu, a gypsy band, and The Thing Is, a group of fusion rhythms.

McGroarty said he’s looking forward to the different blends of music in the showcase, aptly named Worlds Collide.

“Some people don’t like certain kinds of music, but it opens up the possibility to learn and give other music a chance before shutting it down,� he said.

Although the eclectic mix will be the highlight of the night, there is one thing all three of the groups will have in common: they are all students or graduates of Humber College’s music program.

“Some of us are going into third year, I’m going into fourth,� McGroarty explained, after exchanging words with another Bloor Street Festival performer and agreeing to jam with his band later that afternoon.

“[The skills we learned at Humber] definitely rubs off on us. We find different ways to get around different types of music.�

Rancho Relaxo is no stranger to Humber College students showcasing talent; it held the school’s comedy alumni show two years ago. But this time, it will be a whole different ball game.

“We’re closing the night off, so it should be great,� said McGroarty. “I haven’t played with these other bands before, so it should be interesting.�

Worlds Collide will take place on June 28th at Rancho Relaxo (300 College, west of Spadina). Doors open at 8 pm, and tickets are $7 - Scene and Heard toronto (http://www.sceneandheard.ca)


Chech out www.myspace.com/theyuka
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The sound and energy Yuka pumps out is surely an organic orgy for the ears. Armed with five extremely talented young musicians, this band has built its reputation on its ability to create new and fresh sounds in a music scene full of recycled ideas. Yuka is best described as a cross-pollination of dirty funk and even dirtier rock and roll. With all its 5 members studying music at Humber College, Yuka’s fusion of trumpet, bass, sax, guitar and drums always blows the crowds away with their original funk compositions and inventive pop arrangements.

Yuka first started off as a rehearsal band that jammed every week. Within the first few practices though, they realized they had their own original and quirky sound.
Unable to confine the music to a practice room, Yuka began performing original funk/rock music across Toronto since early 2006!

Based in Toronto, Yuka has played in a variety of venues spanning across the vast city. Always wanting to push the limits of grooviness, these boys have transcended the borders of traditional funk and redefined it in their own terms. Their reputation for lighting up a room with their musical aura has allowed them to share the stage with many of Toronto's musical talents (Moses Mayes, Slutty Slutty Bang Bang, The Funktion, Stone fox, Goodbye Parker).

For more information on booking and gigs, please visit us at:

www.myspace.com/theyuka `