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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"By Dennis Davis (Drummer)"

Yukari's music is very beautiful and touching. Her has great stage performance !! I am looking forward to working with her soon. - (Steive Wonder & David Bowie in 70's ,80's)

"Indie Talent Radio - CANADA"

The opening chords of this beautiful song are at once peaceful and somewhat melancholy. Then when you hear the tender voice of Yukari Roja, you are pulled deeper into the song... Even though the words are in Japanese, it is impossible to escape the feeling that she pours forth.

We loved the simplicity of the presentation, with no heavy instrumentation to distract us from the melody and the singer.

We are looking forward to hearing more from this talented artist, and will be delighted to feature her work on our station."

- Louise Peacock

"Kurume newspaper in Japan"

The band (Limit of life)'s Vocal Yukari has a great voice and performance!!
Her voice is like a angel but at the same time really emotional.
- Yuki Nakayama


"Live" January 2009
"Sun Never Sets" (Produced by *Dennis Davis) 2007
"Live at C.B.G.B in Fukuoka Japan" 2002
"MADOROMI " 2001

*Dennis is a one of the greatest drummer for David Bowie and Stevie Wonder in 70's and 80's

RADIO air Played in Japan : "LOVE SONG" in 2007
RADIO air Played in Japan : "Memory" in 2003



- Latest Performance Video -
**New Band performance (w/ cello,percussion and bass) video will be shown after March 16th **

- NEWS -
NEW CD "AI NO UTA - LIVE-" (April 2009)
Internet TV shooting "Acoustic stories" by RockMeTv in NYC (March 16th 2009)
Music Festival in Central Park (June 6th 2009)
Summer Tour (July 2009)

About ROJA
Yukar Roja is a Japanese singer/songwriter, self-taught musician. Born in Fukuoka, Japan and moved to NYC in 2002. For six years, she has played at many places including at Central Park " Lennon Concert " in December 2008, The Bitter End, Nuble, Lava Gina.

In 2007, she was also voted and chosen as one of the best singer for "Crash Of Art competition" over the internet (world wide) and became a third place at the competition.
In 2007, she played and recorded with Dennis Davis who was a drummer for STEVIE WONDER and DAVID BOWIE in 70's and 80's They recorded " Sun never sets ".

In 2006, she met world famous Jazz bassist Richard Bona at 55bar in NYC. At the time, she didn't know who he was. However, as soon as she saw his performance, she fell in love with his music. This was the big change in her life as a musician. Bona was very close and great figure; he always sings in his language and his expressions and voice are so beautiful that people can feel his soul.

She writes songs in Japanese which is her own language but melodies are mixed with Folk, pop, Bossa, Samba, Waltz, Jazz and bit African.
" I love traveling. Making music by mixing melodies gives me similar experiences. "

Even though she never studied music, she had significant musical influences. It was her father who first ignited her interest in classical guitar and traditional Japanese song-writing. Also, her grand mother took her to the church every morning and Sunday when she was little.
" I was always a loudest singer at the big church. I just loved singing and when I got bored singing same songs, I enjoyed improvising harmonies ".

" I sing my songs in my language because it is the strongest way for me to feel the music. Because I am connected with my music 100%, I can express all the emotion and I can share my feelings with audiences. we can have a connection heart by heart. "