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"Cheese on Toast on Aaaarrrggh!!!"

I have to confess that all week, whenever a track from this album came on my iTunes in a random play, I would wonder which Bomb the Bass or UNKLE or Radiohead or even Streets record I had forgotten I had loaded; thinking, each time, that I had discovered some amazing secret hidden track that, magically, no-one else had ever found. But no, instead it'd be a song from this locally and independently released collection of songs crafted by this ex-Dunedin-ite-now-Grey-Lynn-resident and each time, my mind was blown.

Andrew Tidball - Cheese on Toast

"Lumiere on Aaaarrrggh!!!"

"Yule’s music sounds like a new musician who’s not really afraid to step back and consider coherency or a unified vision. This opens up the music considerably, and allows for a breadth of vision that for the most part, really pays off. If he continues to write with the uninhibited mood this release suggests, there’s plenty of interesting music to come out of it all. ”

By Brannavan Gnanalingam - Lumiere Reader

"NZ Musician on Aaaarrrggh!!!"

By Ania Glowacz

"Don't be misled by the album cover or the title - this is not a metal or punk album in the least. From the ukulele intro to the Mike Skinner impersonation in the middle, this is an eclectic bedroom recording mashup with pluses but also several minuses. Recorded over the last four years between Dunedin and Grey Lynn, there's potential in some of the tracks, with plenty of growing up to do in others. Essentially a solo act, Yule (come on dude, 'fess up!) has now been joined (since recording) by a couple of ex-members of One Million Dollars - Alex Urlich and Jonathan Goss. This will be a good thing, as the main impression this release leaves is that it could do with further fleshing out. The trumpet and sax on a few of the tracks are great, the bedroom Radiohead-isms (Migraine and A Mess) show promise, the '80s inflections on Digital Disco and Work Ethic are quirky and cool, and some of the lyrics definitely pass muster. There's a definite low budget sheen, but more polishing is really required." - New Zealand Musician


Aaaarrrggh!!! - 2008 - Mini LP



Yule (the band) was formed in early 2008 to support the release of Yule's debut CD - Aaaarrrggh!!!. Bringing to life and adding Nitrous Oxide to the already high powered and innovative music Yule created as a solo artist, the band experience is unlike anything else on the shores of the New Zealand Isles.

Before forming the band Yule was well known in Dunedin, New Zealand for both his solo act and his previous band "Yule & The Thundercats". He had a number of student radio hits as well as featuring on Loop Recordings New Zealand Fashion Week CD Sampler 2006.

In 2008 as production came to a close on Aaaarrrggh!!! Alex Urlich and Jonathan Goss were wrangled to bring the songs to life in a band that would supercharge the compositions for live consumption. Both were former members of fabled Auckland funk band "One Million Dollars" though were never members of that band at the same time, and had never met before taking on the Yule project.

Bjorn was contracted for all the auxiliary sounds required to fully realize some of the more eclectic ideas contained in Yule's creations. The cherry on the top if you will.

As a band Yule deliver their aural submissions in a high energy form, and have been doing so on an ever increasing scale.

In late 2008 Alex left the band and was replaced by Nic “Rolly” Roland on bass. Bringing his years of experience of touring the country with his former band “The Taliband” Rolly completed the bands transition from project band to a full collaborative unit.

2009 has seen Yule perform live on National Television and to a Festival attracting 200,000 people (Pasifika). They will also be making their first tour of the country and setting their sites offshore.

Like Red Bull for your ears, they'll give you wiiiiinnngs.