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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock




"Anti Music"

Today Amy Wright from Yumi And The System tells us about the song "Day Of The Tiger" from their brand new album, "Wonders Of Origin", which was largely produced by Lincoln Parish of Cage The Elephant. Here is the story:

We are very excited about our single "Day Of The Tiger" that was co-written between myself, Amy Wright, and guitarist Ben Wright. Even though we've had our band name chosen for a few years, there wasn't an album or honed in sound til this year. Much credit is given to our producer Lincoln Parish (Cage The Elephant) for helping us to get our wheels on.

In writing this particular song, there is a level of spitfire and classic romantic pursuit. The names of our songs are usually chosen out of thin air before we develop any concept for it. Part of the title came from years of wanting a tiger tattoo. Still haven't completed that goal.

During the recording process, I found myself spinning a good amount of vinyl at home for inspiration. There's something classic and treasured with the sound of a record player. Nancy Sinatra was a bit of influence of this particular song. On the opposite spectrum, The Black Angels got their vinyl time in my living room also.

To give another interpretation of this song in more of a visual format, please check out our music video of Day Of The Tiger directed by Seth Graves.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself as you check out the video here and learn more about the group and the album right here! - "Singled Out"

"Music Feature: Yumi & The System"

You remember 'Yumi & The System' and the review I did on their EP 'Day of the Tiger'? Well now I get a chance to do their WHOLE album! Excited much!? I also managed to grab a few minutes with them for a Q&A. Check it out...

Well Hi there! How are you guys doing?
Happy and healthy. Thank you. And you?

I'm fabulous thank you! So your new album is out, ‘The Wonders of Origin’, how exciting! How long has it taken you guys to get it done?
We had recorded three songs last year as a short intro and then decided to write more, hibernate, hone in on a sound and turn it into a full length. Then we met producer Lincoln Parish (Cage The Elephant) and all the time pages were obvious. I would say a full year sounds right.

I have to say I loved your EP ‘Day of the Tiger’ as you could probably tell in the music review I did. What was your inspiration for that song and your songs in general?
Thank you! Inspiration comes from countless places. But for that song, It combines the bittersweet romantic ideas of pursuing a relationship with the confidence of demanding pursuit in return. This entire record-I found myself listening to a whole lot of Black Angels & Autolux. I obsess slightly with either light lyrics and dark sounds or dark lyrics and lighter sounds.

That's truly awesome! Where did your love of music come from?
I was raised in a very conservative home in Pennsylvania where the outlet could only be classical or church music. So, classical was what I pursued until I was old enough to properly rebel. But I was always fascinated with the emotions a person could feel in lyrics at times. My first rock experience was on the elementary school bus with Tommy Kewski. He had this magical song D'yer Maker he wanted me to hear. It was a whole new world from that point on.

Who are your favourite artists and why?
How many can I list? There is so much I love about so many bands. Keeping it to the first 5 off my thoughts: Danger Mouse and Sparkle Horse, Air, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Knife, Kraftwerk (Radio-Activity).

I really need to be educated on these bands I feel all though I have heard of Queens of the Stone Age. How would you describe your musical style?
Rock. The term indie punk makes me laugh because it's like saying free-spirited hippie. This seems like a trick question, because our influences are crossing so many styles.

I would agree with you there. What is next for you guys?
We've got 3 more music videos to release over the next few weeks. We are planning on playing select shows/mini tours this fall/winter. But it's all unfolding naturally at this point. The steps we are to take will eventually make sense. I could anticipate songs in film or whatnot. I've said from the beginning of this project that I just want to do what I love to do. When we stop having fun, gears need to be switched around. Life is preciously short. My partner in life Ben Wright is the bad to the bones guitarist. He's my co-planner.

'The Wonders of Origin'
Track Listing

1. Back of the World
2. The Garden
3. Day of The Tiger
4. Record On
5. It Isn't Over
6. Sunburnt Black
7. Beautiful Souls
8. More Air
9. Mama Says
10. Cheers

I have so much love for this band. It's like they have created their very own genre of music combining rock with dreamy, Goldfrapp esq tendencies, something so hypnotic and plain awesome.
The new album creates a real sense of atmosphere and leaves you begging for more after each track
and takes you to another world all together.

Each song is completely different and fresh. 'Back of the World' has some amazing lyrics, 'lost my fears, tossed my keys in the back of the world''. This song has a great drive throughout with a great rocky feel to it. Again I have huge love for 'Day of the Tiger' as it was the first one I reviewed. I'm also loving 'Record On' which is super rocky and demanding throughout. 'Beautiful Souls' is another gorgeous track with stunning lyrics running throughout with a gorgeous melody. Another one of my favourites is 'Cheers' which completes the album and what a great track to end with.

All in all this album is completely original and noteworthy. You won't hear another album like this for miles around! Yumi & The System are clearly a force to be reckoned with and I'm really looking forward to what these guys will be bringing to our ears next!

http://www.yumiandthesystem.com/ - Rebecca Lawrence

"Day of the Tiger by Yumi And The System"

Artist: Yumi And The Stystem
Single: Day of the Tiger
Genre: Rock
Record Producer: Lincoln Parish

As a big fan of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I was very excited when Yumi And The System asked if I would review their single, Day of the Tiger. They have a sound that strikes me as very similar to the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, though Amy’s voice is a bit deeper than Karen’s (Yeah Yeah Yeahs). It adds a dry, dramatic depth to the music.
My Opinion

I’m completely pumped for the release of their new album, Wonders of Origin, which comes out today, (Sept. 9, 2014). While I obviously have not yet heard the full length album, I hope to spend some time listening to it and reviewing it in the not-too-far future.

Day of the Tiger is a very punk rock tune with the perfect amount of dry angst and drama. As I said previously, they have a sound that is very similar to the sound of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. If that style of punk is up your alley, Day of the Tiger is worth checking out.

And the album art for Wonders of Origin? I love lengthy exposure profiles. While I think that the album art for the single (which I struggled to find a downloadable copy of) had a much more punk look to it, I have to say that I find this album art very attractive and dreamy.

Favorite Lyric "A goodbye postcard will be the last of me"

Day of the Tiger

It was really hard to pick a favorite lyric from this song, but I had to settle on this in the end. Especially as it showcases just a bit of the angsty, punk sound that they have.

Want to check out this amazing band? You can find Yumi And The System on YouTube and/or buy Wonders of Origin on iTunes for $9.90. - Kelsey Gulick

"No Country For New Nashville (live review)"

"The Matrix-esque falling numbers and randomly flashing swatches of color. Originating from a projector across the room, these visuals were slightly pixelated, creating a grid-like effect that gave the band an otherworldly appearance. Of course, production was only half the battle. Yumi and the System’s heavily distorted and straightforward rock sound, propelled by their talented frontwoman, took the crowd by force. Though a punk feel is present in all of Yumi’s songs, it’s often balanced by electronic undertones." - — Jack Smith, No Country For New Nashville (live review)


Still working on that hot first release.



Blink and you could miss an East Nashville show played by Yumi and the System. But if you’re listening, you’ll hear about the energy long after the show. They’re Cat Power vs. the Kills. A grunge-­‐rock cousin to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. And their energy is sweeping the floor, and providing an integral part of the ever-­‐shifting rock genre. This crunching, energy packed duo swelling up East Nashville has easily become a must-­‐see for locals in the rock scene. With strict punk beats, daring melodies, and seasoned with electronic flavor, Yumi and the System have caught onto something.
Having previously toured in a band for a number of years, Pennsylvania transplants Amy and Ben Wright refreshed their love for music by taking a break from their previous project. With their passion for the rock genre, they started shaping new songs, and the female-­‐ fronted rock duo Yumi and the System was born. In May, they began working with producer and musician Lincoln Parish (founding member of Cage the Elephant), and the music quickly snapped into place. They released their debut album Wonders Of Origin in September, with great response thusfar. “I love that music can be landmarks in a person’s life,” says Ben. “It can remind you of that road trip, get you through a loss, or be that song that was playing when you were in a fender bender. Music is what creates the memories.” The album utilitizes Amy singing lead vocals, and Ben creating melodies on guitar, with bass, keys and a drummer close behind. Amy’s vocals are best described as nonchalantly authoritative, the kind of voice the rock scene has recently been lacking.
The band’s music easily treads on the cracks of modern European rock, and consistently steps next to the mainstream. Although Ben and Amy primarily write the songs, the debut record Wonders Of Origin includes their cowrites with Kevin Tetuan and Joey Campbell. “I love writing, playing with our friends, all of it,” says Amy. “It’s more fun sharing ideas with others rather than shouldering them alone.” Their debut video of “Day of the Tiger,” (directed by Seth Graves) showcases their experimental, crunching rock sound.
It’s easy for musicians who find themselves in Nashville to lose themselves along the way. Being surrounded by the business side of music can quickly cause creativity to dwindle and drain the fun out of performing. But for Amy, it’s much more than that. “What I love most about music is how sometimes it can transport you to another world. We all can lose ourselves in a song that brings us back inspired, or feeling a breath of release from life's daily grind. With this project, I often wrote as an escape, a release, or just void of inspiration. And then something would shift where I realize that picture has become so much bigger than myself. The definition of the word Yumi has become the skeleton for the spirit to attach to. It's unavoidable. Music always has interacted with the human spirit. It can provoke or calm. It can relieve or intensify. It can be only fun or meet you with seriousness. It can give you soul and open your eyes to those around you.”

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