We all have different influences in the rock genre that make our music sound different then most bands. most of our songs contain ska part verses, Hardcore breakdowns, Punk Choruses and lyrics mostly about being the change you wish to see, love, and life. music is r life as cliche as it may sound.


YUM! YUM! consists of 4 talented artist that all have been playing their instruments for years. We all have many similar influences and completely different influences that make are sound different. We try to show it in our music. Were partly ska, punk, pop, indie, and hardcore all in one. are biography isnt long but each member has toured and played with different bands from our home towns.


Not Enough

Written By: Dain norman (verse1) James Daley (Verse 2)

(verse 1 DN) When you knock on my door yeah, you are breaking my heart, and when your driving in my car yeah, i love how you light your little cigar, your worrying so yeah, you are breaking my heart, yeah its worrying me so yeah, you are breaking my heart
(Chorus) and you shakin you got something goin on, and your shakin' youve been crying way too long, and your shakin youve got something going wrong, and your shakin, its not enough, its not enough, its not enough
(Verse 2 JD) Knock on my door yeah you are breaking my heart, Happy when I see you but I die everything me have to part, Cause there's something that I have to say every time when I watch you drive away, You don't even realize it but girl you are breaking my heart.
(Repeat same chorus)


JUST A TASTE! - first E.P on sale now
Bear Garden- First full length scheduled to be released at the beginning of October.

Set List

1) not enough
2) suicidal X.G.F
3) No more shadow
4) Good Evening
5) Eyes on the Wall
6) Falling
7) Momma Momma
8) Bear Garden
Our set is about 45 minutes but we can play as long as needed we have tons of songs due to that fact that all we do is sit around and jam all day.