Nairobi, Nairobi Area, KEN

'Their rhythms are incredible, this is 99% different from any other pop music.' (William Orbit). 'We like the audience to see Yunasi as a young band who live together as one, who express their feelings without fear, but with harmony & joy.' (Erick, Yunasi)


Yunasi USA 2010
Yunasi will tour the US in 2010. We are currently working with our agent in the states and will play approx 40 dates in 25 cities from May - August 2010.
The band will be also touring in Thailand in January and February 2010.
Please contact me directly for more information.

'We sing about happiness, we sing about all these wars, we sing about AIDS. We really try to put the message through our songs, whilst at the same time making the whole show very danceable' Ngalah - Yunasi

Yunasi have been named BBC 'Next Big Thing', winning through from over 2000 acts from 88 countries. For originality, songwriting and performance they were judged 'overwhemingly the best'. 'Wide open, beautiful exuberant vocals, a joy to listen to' William Orbit 'An amazing band' Tahita Bulmer

Want to see just HOW GOOD Yunasi are? - Go to , not the ideal quality but gives a good idea of the bands stunning live performance.

'"Yunasi did really well at Bluesfest - they were one of our better selling bands for their CD's at our merchandise tent, and that greatly reflects on how well received they were by Bluesfest's audience. pretty good going when up against the likes of Sinead O'Connor, Buddy Guy, John Fogerty, Keith urban, Jools Holland and lot's more.
They really are to be congratulated.
Please come back soon."
Peter Noble
Festival Director

With top music industry and world media awards, massive international festival performances and growing worldwide recognition it's only a matter of time before Yunasi seriously hit the big time.

Yunasi showstopper at BLUESFEST!
Yunasi's Saturday evening performance at last years Bluesfest East Coast Blues and Roots Festival in Byron Bay, Australia caused chaos when the sheer number of people trying to get to see the show blocked access from the main festival entrance! Yunasi have also just had a hugely succesful 9 night, 5 gig tour of Thailand playing at Todd Lavelles 'World Musiq' festivals in Bangkok & Koh Chang.

In 2004, YUNASI developed a unique East African music style called SESUBE which is a combination of sega, isukuti and benga. It takes sounds and inspirations from local Kenyan communities, cultural styles and languages and fuses those sounds with a European component. The sound is achieved by playing a variety of instruments, both traditional and modern.

In December 2007 Yunasi were voted 'overwhelming' winners of the BBC 'Next Big Thing' competition, From over 2000 acts from 88 countries Yunasi were voted outright winners by a panel of top music industry judges including Talvin Singh, William Orbit, Nile Rodgers and Tahita Bulman.

Yunasi went on to play at the indig02 Dome on the same bill as Squeeze, Daby Toure, Carbon/Silicon, Toumast and Katie Melua.

Recently, the band achieved 2nd place in the World of Music Awards 2008 (WOMA) from the wearelistening organisation losing by one point from the judging panel.

In March 2006, YUNASI were announced the prize-winners at the prestigious US International Songwriting Contest for the song JI OPOGORE (The Difference of People) obtaining third-place in the World Music category out of 16,000 entries from all over the world.

They also won the 2004 Kisima Award for best afro-fusion band in Kenya and were nominated for an all-African Kora award in South Africa in 2003.

The band comprises 8 men from East Africa. They sing in several languages including Swahili, English, French, Luo, Kisii and Luhya.

'Yunasi live is an experience not to be missed'

'Yunasi - the African Manu Chao?'

'Yunasi's live show is something magical'

'If you want to dance like you've never danced before go and witness Yunasi live!'

Been there... Going here!

YUNASI Tours and Festivals:

2008 - Bayimba Festival, Uganda. Headline act
2008 - Todd Lavelles World Musiq Festivals, Thailand. Headline act
2008 - Bluesfest, Australia, (3 performances).
2008 - Sauti Za Busara, Zanzibar. Headline act
2007 - Indig02, 02 Dome London.
2006 - Festhorn Djibouti, Horn of Africa International Festival
2006 - North Sea Jazz Festival, Nairobi.
2006 - 13 concerts in Belgium, including Ancienne Belgique AB, Brussels and Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp
2005 - The Inter-Cultural Festival, Mayotte.
2004 - Sarakasi Festival in Nairobi.
2003 - 6th Zanzibar International Film Festival, Zanzibar.
2003 - 15th International Africa Festival,Germany.
2003 - Kenya Cultural Week, Paris.

'Since 2001 the group has performed in Kenya, France, Germany, Belgium, Mayotte, Djibouti, Tanzania and London. Their shows are "tight". With fantastic instrumental and vocal harmonies, soulful and contemplative one minute and pumping explosive rythms the next, they guarantee satisfaction to those who enjoy listening as well as dancing' (Sauti Za Busura).

The band has also performed at many prestigious events in Nairobi including;
- FAFA Fashion for Peace at Nairobi


Ndi Ndi Ndi (Usilewe)

Written By: Yunasi

Take care mama/lady,Dont drink too much
Take care papa/ dad,Dont drink too much
Take care kid,Dont drink too much
Till you are too drunk

Verse 1:
Wake up early in the morning
And all you think about is being drunk
Drink a little but not too much
And dont get too drunk


Verse 2:
One wonderful evening
We left the house to go and get drunk
Then, we met a policeman along the way
He asked us,
young men, who are you and where are you going?
(police are known to harass young boys just because
you are young)
We answered him,
We are YUNASI, and we are going to drink, but not too

Mum take care, enjoy yourself but dont drink too much
Dad take care, have a good time but dont drink too much


Dont overdrink,
Dont get too drunk,
Dont take too much

Ndi, Ndi, Ndi (Usilewe) ©Yunasi 2007

Kiswahili Version

Mama chunga, Usilewe
Baba chunga, Usilewe
Toto chunga, Usilewe
Ukawa mlevi Ndi Ndi Ndi

wake up early in the morning
and all you think about is Ndi
kunywa kidogo usilewe ukawa mlevi ---->2x


jioni sisi natoka
naenda kulewa
kufika huko njiani
napata polisi
wauliza sisi
vijana nyinyi ni nani?
sisi najibu
afande sisi yunasi
tunaenda lewa lakini sio ndi ndi ndi

Bamurai chunga msilewe, mkawa ndi ndi ndi
baiseke chunga msilewe, mkawa ndi ndi ndi --->2x


Kumbe Kumbe

Written By: Yunasi

Kumbe Kumbe - Politicians/ politics this way that way

Why so much pleasure with power
Power everywhere, even on the streets
Its time to construct not destroy
Its time, its time to construct / build

Hostility between you and me grows everyday coz of
what we do
Leaders due to petty politics fight
Aftermath, troubles of the common man grows
Take mine, I take yours too
Incitement, kill me , I kill you too
Everytime, I turn on the television,
Gunshots in the air, someone loses their lives
I can do anything to change what I do
Even animals in the jungle co-exist

All over, people are dying
kids are dying, all over

Look at Darfur, Congo, Sierra Leone,Molo,
Njoro,Israel, Palestine

I am angry with politics
I have had enough
Politics makes me sick
Make me want to vomit
Tomorrow never comes
Time is running


Written By: Yunasi

Chincherere - © Yunasi 2006

Moiseke nyakieni kabariri--->2x
Otigire ekieni bobaracho
tigire kieni bobaracho
ng'ai abamura baratare
Aeee ...baba ntore nomogoko
Aeee ...ituko bun rero ---->2x

Amaino aye amaruse
Amaseko aye amarabuse
She knows how to treat a man
Seka seka he he he ---->2x


An african woman, a real african woman
to get her you have to wrestle a warrior
naende amundu bulahi, aida wenda tabete


khulipha kholinjinga homokongo
lalalalai, lalalalai

Emphasizes on the beauty and authenticity of an african woman
Also highlights on the special celebrations made to celebrate the birth of an african woman

Brings out the real qualities of an African woman
- her smile, her shining teeth, her soft laughter, the way she walks

States the qualification one needs to have in order to
win the love of an African woman,
for example - you need to wrestle a great and famous warrior
for you to win her love...among other things

Celebrations made by men and women in the village
after a man has won the love of an African woman
(by defeating a great warrior in the society)


Singles - 'Shamaheri' 2006 & 'Ndi Ndi Ndi' 2007. Albums - Nangi Amana 2006 & Nairobi - Sounds of Sesube' 2007. Radio airplay and interviews on BBC World Service, BBC local radio stations and VOA. Kiss FM Kenya, Hot 96 FM Kenya, WRFG-FM Atlanta, Brussels FM Belgium and many more. TV documentaries and interviews by Reuters - Africa Journal, CNN Inside Africa, BBC World Service and Africa on your street, CNBC. Nation Media and KTN. Tracks available on Last FM. Videos available on U Tube, just type 'yunasi' in search box.
Both albums available for download at Promoters please contact me directly for free download link.

Set List

All songs are original, no covers. Yunasi can play sets from 30 to 120 minutes. All songs from all albums are played at one time or another. As Yunasi songs cover everything from traditional East African music to afrobeat to techno to hip-hop we build our set lists around the event.