Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
BandHip Hop

Aspired lyrical genius who very diverse and has a global appeal!! 12 delivers knowledge and lyrics with something to dance to beats. he's very dedicated to his craft and strive for perfection. 12's is the complete package and he'll be the next big thing!


Biography of 12

Aspiring lyrical genius, "12" (born Trevor Grayson) is prepared to take center stage as he debuts his unique talent to the hip-hop world. This artistic wordsmith combines his matchless style with diversity and intelligence.

Already taking Oklahoma by storm, he has collaborations with major artists under his belt. 12 has become a household name to the local set in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, as he has set the pace for local artists and inspired many with his meticulousness, dedication and hard work.

Premiering on radio stations broadcasted to the urban population, his collaboration with mega star "E-40" has demanded constant airplay by local listeners. He was selected as one of four finalists among thousands of entries for MTV’s Direct Effect "Rock the Mic" contest. He has performed for celebrities like actress Vivica Fox's birthday bash in New York City, where he left an unquestionable impression that he is ready to go the distance. He has performed in Chicago for Mark Anderson of the Chicago Bears even getting nods from those that idolize the Windy Citys rap mogul, Kanye West, as being the next great.

Paving the way with his mind-blowing lyrical escapades, 12 has captivated audiences since the age of 14. After signing with a local independent label, he decided to leave the label and go for the mainstream approach where he could gain mass audience attention and contribute his style to a more diverse genre with his "whiz kid" lyrical savvy. His talent is noted as a unique blend of southern, east coast, and a dab of west coast ingredients. With songs such as "Money" and "Who You Know," 12 personifies the Midwest and demonstrates his lyrical geniuses as a force to be recon with.

With so many consumers questioning the plight of Hip Hop and the lyrical direction that artist and labels are taking to reach the masses, 12 delivers knowledge and messages with "something to dance to" beats. His first CD, "A Boy from Oklahoma" hit the streets though independent distribution and sold thousands of copies within its first week.


Make it Count

Written By: 12

hook. we just trying to make it out/so we know everyday gotta me it count/so if u shake it for the paper/every time u make it bounce make it count/and if u out there on your paper route a shoe box is your bank account just make it count/cause we have to many days without so it really ain't nothing else to think about/ everyday gotta make it count/ gotta make it count/ we wake up everyday knowing we gotta make it count/
first verse
dues paid it okay we bout to make it back/ oklahoma's on i put my state on the map/people mad at me but i'm just stating facts/but when u making stacks it sad to say that/how these hater react really mad at themselves/ they just blame me for that/when i come through how they gonna compete with that/but the thinking like that is the reason why they are were they are and we are where we at/ and even though i get high/ i still can't seem to relax/ my girl think my grind is obsessive/she don't understand that what it take when your trying to be the best/
2nd verse
they say time is money/than I'm spend my time trying to make it count/i came from the bottom/i claim my way out/than been through the trenches/had to grind my way out/ have lost alot of friends that couldn't find a way out/some in the league Lebron they way out/i just rep ivy league and rhyme my way out/ no were all balling/ ironic how that played out/ u gotta do for self/ i mean it fail proof/just look at that/12 proof/no doubt u know im about mine/because when u plotting at the top/u ain't got down time.


make it count