Wilmington, Delaware, USA
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I am on fire, I am a hiphop artist and ceo of a company Da 7 Music Group LLC since 2011


From nothing to something. Sometimes it can seem impossible to go from the first point to the latter. Coming from a childhood of project living, food stamps, welfare, drugs and violence. A rose grows from the concrete, a diamond shines through the rough and a legend is born. Yung Aly is primed to make a serious and long lasting impact in the entertainment world. From His hilarious skits to his authentic and catchy rap tunes yung aly is a walking time bomb. Watch out, It looks like he's about to blow! Apr30, 2009 it?s a brisk evening in the city of Wilmington De. I meet with Yung Aly in front of a neighborhood corner store. Aly walks into the store and orders a black and mild and a pack of cupcakes. "Now we can get this thing started. What you got for me?" Not hesitant in the least bit to spill his soul much like on one of his songs. We begin a tour of the city and the mind of this legend to be. Ugev: Whats up yung aly? Y.A.: Nothin much man, just another day in the life. Damn its cold out here. Ugev: Yeah, Its chilly Y.A.: It was blazing hot just the other day. Ugev: So whats your given name Y.A.: My given name is Alex L. Bush Ugev: Where are you from originally? Y.A.: I was born in Wilmington Delaware. I have family on every side of town though. I was raised in Edgmoor,on the westside, Southbridge, and riverside. Ugev: what inspired you to be a hip hop artist. Y.A.: when I was twelve I won a talent show for my school with a little rap I put together. From that moment I knew it was something I could well. I grew up listening to tupac. His music always inspired me. My parents always stood behind me with whatever I wanted to do. I've always had the gift to entertain people. Ugev: What shapes your particular style of hip hop? Y.A.: Life. I don't have one style in particular. I write songs based on what I see and What I go through. It's almost as though I'm a voice for that kid who has nothing or the dude who doesn?t see a way out of his situation. On the flip side, it's like I said I love to entertain so I gotta make music that takes you to a good place. The only thing that stays the same about my style is the realness and pure energy. As we continue our tour It becomes apparent where the gritty part of young aly's music comes from. from the broken and boarded row homes to the constant flashing of police lights. Wilmington seems like a dangerous place in contrast to the sign pointed out to me by y.A. "Welcome to Wilmington a place to be somebody". Y.A. Is just that in this town. Every corner we turn brings another friend or fan eager to give a shout to the mc. Ugev: With all that goes on in you area how do you manage to stay out of all the nonsense. Y.A.: I do my own thing. I mind my business. I know what I'm trying to do and I wont let nothing thats going on out here stop me from getting where I want to go and thats straight to the top. Ugev: You had a chance to play college football yet you persued hip hop. why? Y.A.: I've always loved sports but the main beat in my heart was for rapping. I couldn't deny what I felt was my true calling. I knew that If I was going to rap I had to do it right so I shifted all my energy to my music. Ugev: Is there anything other than music you would consider trying? Y.A.: I plan to shoot my own films as well as act in them. my favorite movie is "Queen Of The Damned". I like to laugh too so mabey I'll do a vampire/comedy film. Ugev: With the industry shifting to more of a digital market, how do plan to keep pace being and independent? Y.A.: I'm up on things. I just got myself situated with a multi media and global communications company, so my fans will be able to acces my sounds via my website, currently under construction, Times change and you had better be able to change with them. Ugev: Do you have an album ready. Y.A.: yep. My album is done, I just have some business to take care of before I can drop. My aim is the fourth quarter of the year. In the short term I'm about to release a five track EP available for download at my website. All fire hot songs Ugev: Any messages for you fans? Y.A.: Ride with me. We going straight to the top. If It says my name on it you better believe it's hot. I promise nothing but the best. To all my supporters, thank you for everything. I love yall. Ugev: Thanks for you time Y.A. Y.A.: Anytime man. YUNG ALY DISPLAY HIS TALENT ON SITE LIKE:


Mix tapes: Move How I Move Vol.1, Move How I Move vol.2, Beat jackers,Street Raw, Taken over the world vol.1-2-3, Ears to the street, REady 4 war vol.10/ Albums: Live by Die by,Straight to the top.

Set List

Straight to the pop
Track star
A Shorty
Feel My Pain
come down here
put it on down
White tee(check)
Got it poppe /(singe for the streets radio playready)
work it out
IM a Ride