Yung A.Y.E

Yung A.Y.E

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN
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The stories behind Yung A.Y.E's tracks come from his true life experiences. His audience will capture the dedication, ambition and down to earth reflection of the passion he puts into every crafted verse, every word.

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Melting Waxx Collective
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Another Classic

Written By: Yung A.Y.E

Ye , uhh

Here's another classic ta da magic
Featuring nas off the stillmatic
A young extraordinaire in the lab round the clock im goin' at it
They all saying the talent ill couple years in the game imagine
Think you've seen someone like me you haven't
You someone like the first to sit down I'm the last one standing
I gotta say life sometime can be a b$#@h
But right now she treating me fantastic
Set to kill the game no where I can get a casket
No more need for practice
A lot of people rapping in my city but I'm really trying make it happen
I believe I was born with a passion
The age of 16 started rapping
An the fact is who really took me serious back then
Probably only had a couple fans
Had to get on the hustle like vado an cam
Change they views make some moves
Use my tools cut some dudes change the rules
Look at me now coppin' brand new shoes
Had to upgrade the fashion to
Its out with old in with the new
Winning I ain't got nothing to lose
Still I got a lot to prove
Whats in store you ain't even got a clue
Bet you never thought this is what it would come to fool
But isn't it so beautiful
Another classic