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Yung Ayee

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | INDIE

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2004
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Rising Rap Star Yung Ayee"

Junior’s Cave

Music Interview

with Rising Rap Artist,
Yung Ayee
Winter (March/April 2014) Edition

MusicSUBMIT Weekly Music Series
by Isaac Davis Junior, BGS, MBA
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Yung Ayee
Photo Submitted by Yung Ayee

As a part of our MusicSUBMIT Weekly series, we are presenting the music of Yung Ayee who is riding high with the recent success of his Twerk Banger, “Go For What You Know”. This hit single is only the beginning of what fans can expect from the lyrical mind of the talented Rising Rap Artist. When we spoke to Yung Ayee last week, we discovered what makes this young man the best bet to help revive the Rap genre.

Isaac: It is a pleasure to speak with you via this important online conversation. I reviewed your press kit, and I am really excited about your music.

Yung Ayee: Thank you for having me. I really appreciate the opportunity!

Isaac: I am feeling your Twerk Banger “Go For What You Know”? What has been the feedback/reaction to this hit Rap/Club single?

Yung Ayee: Man the feedback has been crazy. We have a lot of different DJ’s rocking with it, and we are expecting heavy push for the summer! Not to mention the ladies love it so I can’t complain.

Isaac: What has been your inspiration for pursuing a music career?

Yung Ayee: I’ve been doing this for a while. It started for me at about the age of 14 when my older brother and my current producer (Duke Lamarr) started their record label Street Team Entertainment. So I have always been around the music. It’s like it’s apart of me now…I almost can’t live without it, (lol).

Isaac: Why is music important to you?

Yung Ayee: Music is important to me for several different reasons; I fill like coming from St. Louis, MO we have a black cloud over us on what we as artist are supposed to sound like to break into the industry. I just want to show that different side of my city, and we have a lot of talent here we just need a little more of the light to prove it.

Isaac: How was the whole experience of being on stage performing for what you love to do help you grow as an artist?

Yung Ayee: To me, that’s one of the only times you can really interact with your fans. If you’re doing this right, your schedule should be hectic and crazy, so on the stage is when I let loose and just have fun.

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Yung Ayee
Photo Cover Submitted by Yung Ayee

Isaac: What advice have you received from mentors about pursuing a music career?

Yung Ayee: The best piece of advice I received as an artist and in all around business in general is consistency brings results! I fill like my team and I have been chipping away at this music thing for a minute but the moment we became more consistent at doing the right things we started to get the results we were looking for.

Isaac: Do you believe that Hip-Hop/Rap genre can be saved?

Yung Ayee: Of course it can! I fill like were starting to take step in the right direction. The more artists that start to take their craft seriously it will start to show in the music that’s being put out. It definitely starts with the artist first though.

Isaac: Why do you believe music is something that everyone should enjoy?

Yung Ayee: To me, music is the key to sanity (lol). It’s the best form of expression. You may not be able to say how you feel or it may be inappropriate at the time to say but there is always a song that speaks directly to you and how you feel.

Isaac: The Internet plays an integral role with artists getting their music out to the masses. Do you have your own website and what will fans find there?

Yung Ayee: You can get exclusive music, news and merchandise at

Isaac: If you had an opportunity to work with one of today’s hottest artists or group, who would it be and why?

Yung Ayee: For me, I would have to say Drake. I really respect his work and he has to be one of the most well rounded artists in the game today. Hate him or not you can’t name me one song drake was on and it was just wack! (LOL).

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Yung Ayee
Photo Submitted by Yung Ayee

Isaac: At the end of the day, are you happy with where you are at professionally?

Yung Ayee: I guess I can say I am happy but certainly not content! I fill like I have a lot to offer the game.

Isaac: What are your final thoughts as we conclude this interview…

Yung Ayee: I want to first thank you for the opportunity to get my story out a little more. Also, current and new fans make sure you out and go get my new single, “Go For What You Know” on iTunes or my website Also, be on the lookout for my mix-tape The Renovation coming this fall.

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One of the most exciting new talents to hit the streets for many years, Yung Ayee is storming his way into the Midwest hip hop scene with all the ingredients needed to take on not just the Indie community but the entire music world where it hurts!

Many are touting Yung Ayee as the next big thing to happen to hip hop and rap and comparisons have been drawn with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Pusha T, Big Sean and Rick Ross. In fact, we are told that he is the next challenger to the 'throne' and to forget all the other followers and pretenders because he is the real deal, a potential new king of the airwaves! Indeed, Yung Ayee's latest single 'Go For What You Know', released on 8 August 2013, immediately started making waves across the internet and even onto some FM markets and college radio stations.

Yung Ayee has loved his music all his life, and been creating and even performing it for almost as long. He was born Shajuan Butler in St Louis, Missouri, on 29 December 1990, and almost from the moment he could walk he loved the hip hop and rap music his older brother Sterling was always playing around the house. He was very young when he started writing his own raps, improving and perfecting them for many years until he started performing them at just 13 years old. He continued to write and freestyle throughout his time as a teenager and in 2004 his brother, now Sterling "The Reason" Butler, signed him on to the record label he had started with in-house producer David "Duke Lamarr" Johnson, Street Team Entertainments, under the stage name "Yung Ayee".

Although in 2010 he went to Greenville University, Illinois, on a basketball scholarship, he very soon dropped out in order to concentrate on his music. On his return from college he fell out with his parents and as a result found himself homeless, but he says the eight months this lasted gave him time and motivation to continue working on improving his craft.

The release of 'Go For What You Want' was the springboard that launched his meteoric rise, with a number of high profile performances soon after and invitations to do opening slots for major artists such as Chingy, Murphy Lee, Caskey, Fresco Kayne and more. A free style series called "The Boy Got Bars" followed, which was shown on Street Team Entertainment's YouTube channel (StreetTeamTv314) and website.

His publicist Derrick "Retro Jordon" Jackson was quoted as saying he'd warned the 'non-believers' that 'Yung Ayee was poised to take over the scene, but lamented that his words had obviously fallen 'on deaf ears' - and now here he is, Street Team's flagship artist and just released his first solo mixtape, the highly anticipated "The Renovation".

Yung Ayee ability to create many types of songs from club bangers to street songs means that "The Renovation", which includes the single "Go For What You Want", is not going to disappoint either his long-term loyal fans or the many new ones that are going to be drawn in when they hear this new release by one of the most versatile and dynamic young lyricists to hit the scene for many years. All this time he continued to put together his catalog of songs with lyrics that he says are based on real life experiences and party life

Describing himself as motivated, dedicated and, of course, 100 percent committed, Yung Ayee is poised to throw off his humble beginnings back in St Louis and take on the world or maybe that should be take over the world with his thumping beats and impeccable flow.

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