Yung Black and Reckless
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Yung Black and Reckless

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Interview with Pure Cash Magazine"

How did you get that name? People were always saying when we spit lyrics on the mic we would always recklessly attack a track.

For J-Nova-The first letter of his name is his first name and people always used to say he was hotter than the sun thats where he came about with the whole supernova thing.

For Prodi Da Kidd- He was the youngest out of the whole click and he always was a prodigy in the sense that his lyrics never slacked they always improved and became harder with each track.

What has been your biggest accomplishment? People relations in the sense that when we go out to the clubs or events and we either have to promote or just hang out we are known, get shout outs on the regular, DJs know us, club owners love us, its just the takeover.

What has been your most difficult challenge? Unifying the group due to the fact that the group is larger than the two people you see on the screen and pictures, we have other artists and people in the click.

What makes you different? Not many rap duos coming from the south are as lyrical and are able to take the extra versatile step into the pop genre

What projects are you working on? We are currently working on an album, and a mixtape with Hookman Jones, the next project after that is to take over Florida in a 6 month span lol.

Where are you from originally? The island of Haiti.

How Long have you been making music? Nova has been making music for about 4 and Prodi about 6.

What artists inspire you? For Nova its Jay Z, Kanye West, 50 Cent and ultimately The Game, Tupac and Biggie.

For Prodi its Cassidy, Billy Blue, Tupac and Biggie.

How would you define your style of music? We have that soul of the dirty south to make trunks bang but when were in the club the girls gotta dance to the music.

What teams are you affiliated with? Currently its Phat Lab Ent, Genesis Marketing, We For The Streets Promotions, Fly Time Promotions, 561 Magazine and Life Entertainment.

Who are some artists that you have worked with? Dro Da Beast, Armoni 7, Candy, Passion, M.G., Van Dam, Phatboy, K.G.,

Who would you like to collab with? Rick Ross, The Game, Ace Hood, and any other rapper or singer with respect.

Where do you see the future of music? Global thats it nothing else to see it as.

Where do you see yourself in 1 year? Sitting down with a major label such as Atlantic or Universal.

Describe yourself in one word: Reckless

Where can we hear your stuff?

Management Contact Info: Wayne Dean-(954) 257-5531

MySpace URL:

Any shout outs? Shout outs to Phat Lab Ent, Genesis Marketing, We For The Streets Promotions, Fly Time Promotions, 561 Magazine and Life Entertainment, Suave Smooth.
- Pure Cash Magazine

"Myspace Blog"

Check my lil homies reppin Palm Beach Co!!

They Have Alot of Big Projects On The Way:

They Are Going To Be On BET's The Deal

They Have A Huge Following That Keeps Growing

Look Out For These Boys, They The Next Biggest Thing!!!

YBR-Yung Black and Reckless
(954) 330-3024

- Jay Brown

"Palm Beach Underground" - Bruce Almighty

"Krank It Up Magazine" - KrankItUp

"Interview with"

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Be Famous-Hit Single
Yeen Know-Street Anthem
Elevated Heights-Album



Yung Black and Reckless Biography
Lost in the music from time to time, these three young men, flourishing with talent propose a new face for the record companies and a new smoother more comfortable feeling for the music industry. It’s not all about fun and games when it comes to J-Nova, Prodi Da Kidd and Armoni which are the headliners of this group that goes by the name of Y.B.R. They represent that name as if it were branded onto their souls. In their portable music devices you would find music from all over the United States and from all different genres. Open-minded but yet recluse and to themselves they respectfully make their advancement to the top. With a rapid growing fan base they are preparing to release their debut album called “Elevated Heights” to really portray their true talent. Yung, Black and Reckless, a new face for the “Game,” truly a new crew on the scene attacks the title with a force to be reckoned with.

J-Nova a 16 year old honor student encounters with a flourishing Prodi Da Kidd that has a friendship that continues to grow from the beginning of their abnormal meeting. Prodi Da Kidd has been working on his lyrical for about 4 years prior to Y.B.R. has songs that he wishes to present to J-Nova who has been writing for about the same amount of time as Prodi Da Kidd. Nova now becomes interested in creating a studio in which where the two can record their compilations after hearing the quality of Prodi’s music. They released their first track together at a home studio by an engineer by the name of Korrupto. The engineer becomes shocked that this is their first time on the microphone in a studio and has his fellow producer to continue making tracks with the young Y.B.R. They released their first demo for their newly gained audience of Santaluces High School students. Instant popularity and new group of friends was made since the demo was released.

Armoni the newest member of YBR, a graduate of Park Vista High School, enters the crew adding more soul to the lyricism of the group. With the fact that Armoni has been polishing his skills for about 5 years, he has been expressing his vocal skills with talent shows and performances where he shows to the world his impact in the R&B genre. Although he doesn’t restrict his singing to just R&B and gospel he lets people enter his own version of the world when he hits the different notes on his various songs. Linking up with Nova through another R&B artist in the late November of 2008 took a whole new influence to both Nova and Prodi’s lives. Together they walk a listener through the brink of imagination and reality when they express their deepest thoughts and emotions on a track. One listen of their music or them in the studio and it will portray to you that they indeed bleed music.