Yung Brodee

Yung Brodee

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip Hop

One of a kind & Authentic


Marques "Brodee" Edwards (born in Los Angeles, California) is a rapper and actor signed to Fly Money Entertainment. His name derives from LA slang meaning brother or friend. Having an older brother who was heavily into Hip Hop would have a great influence on him as a young man. Brodee would memorize his brother's rhymes and create his own versions and perform them as much as possible. Though his brother did not take music as anything more than a hobby, Brodee would dream of becoming a star in the Hip Hop world for years to come. Determined to avoid the dangerous realities of LA gangbangin', he would see Hip Hop as a way to avoid the fate of death and jail like many of his childhood friends. While attending Long Beach Poly High School he would form a group with friends Lil Petey and AJ called Hoodstars.

After a year of writing songs and passing out cd's for fellow classmates, the group would disband leaving Brodee to go at his musical ambitions alone. Reaching out to his older brother Doughtnuts for support and backing would spawn his independent label Fly Money Ent. Dropping his first mixtape "Who is Yung Brodee" which spawned the regional hit "Local Celebrity" would gain him new hometown fans and cement his standing as a potential superstar. Collaborating with friend and rising star Nipsey Hussle on the song and video "CEO" off of Bullets Ain't Got No Name Vol. 3 would be his first introduction to mainstream Hip Hop audiences in early 2009. According to Brodee "Nipsey gave me my first major look and he has given me alot of advice about the music industry". Up next is his debut album "100 Percent Authentic" which he is recording for a early 2010 release and preparing to debut a single before the close of 2009. Executive produced by Brodee and Doughnuts, this album will be his introduction to the Hip Hop world and establish his new sound from LA that does not rely on just rapping about gang life, lo lo's, or weed.


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01. Good Die Young
02. Millionaire Moves
03. Breathe
04. Back at it
05. What he on
06. Change
07. School of hard knocks
08. C.E.O Ft. Nipsey Hussle
09. Livin Lavish
10. Night Life
11. Crazy
12. FastLane
13. Recession
14. C
15. Hatin On Me
16. Front Steps
17. Ever Wrote
18. Lovely Day
19. Get More
20. Remember
21. Closer to my dreams
22. Don`t Quit your day job #1
23. Don`t Quit your day job #2
24.Don`t Quit your day job #3

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