Yung brodee

Yung brodee

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The music i make is creative and universal many people around the world can relate to it


Marques “Brodee” Edwards is no stranger to hard work and hustle. The Los Angeles born artist was influenced by some of the greats 2pac,Biggie, Jay-Z, Bone Thugs, Dipset, Fabolous and T.I. He recorded his first song in 2002 and every since then he has been touched with the vision to obtain stardom spitting raw lyrics. Brodee is the founder of Fly Money and chose music as an outlet instead of getting caught up in a life of gangs and drugs. Brodee has put in his share of work touring and opening up forone of his close homies Nipsey Hussle. He was also apart of a group that had a great buzz called “Tha Hood Stars”. But like every young ambitious go getter Brodee decided to start his own business and with that being said he took matters into his own hands and started Fly Money Music. He started branding himself and hasn’t look back since. In 2007 he kicked off his solo career on his on independent imprint releasing 7 projects since it started. Brodee says, “I know it’s about a team and building a foundation”. “Rapping is the easy part but business and consistency is a skill and tool most artist don’t have.” I have learned plenty about the business and now it’s time to do what I do best.


2008- Who is yung brodee?
2009- FamousNobody
2010- Mixtape b4 the album
2011- Secret tape
2011- Money never sleeps
2012- Underdogs do win