"Yung Bud"

"Yung Bud"

 Sacramento, California, USA
BandHip Hop

I would describe my music as reality...Lifes hardships everyday struggle to make it in this world of unsurety...I would call it under dog music...


Rised in Northern Sacramento,Yung Bud is a talented Artist/Songwriter, with a vision for entertainment. Yung Bud was raised by a mother of four that only listened to R&B and was anti hiphop his father was the first person that introduced him to hip hop from that day forward he wanted to become a rapper. He started to rap in the first grade, and by the fourth grade he was writing his own raps.Yung Bud musical influence are the likes of Mc Hammer,E-40,C-Bo,LL COOL J,Biggie Smalls,Tupac,Too Short,Puff Daddy and Killa Tay and many more.What inspires and influence's him to write music is life hardships/The struggle and being in the studio recording, and listing to something he just recorded is what drives and modivates him to do music.In his music Yung Bud tells his story and the story of people in his life.He wants people to know "you can achieve anything you want" -"cuz I came from nothing".In the near further he planes to be involed in all types of,entertainment and starting and/or having different type of business.Ventures like a clothing,production,liquor,andanamation company. There's no limtation for this visionary artist.Everything in his life has molded him,and is on the verge of stardom and there is no stopping him.Currently Yung Bud is featured on un and coming producer/artist/graphic designer/Cartoonist Mal B mixtape called "Rapper Numer" be on the look out for Yung Bud. Show your support.


1. "Outter Space"
2. "Destine 2 Make It"