Yung Cane

Yung Cane

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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Yung Cane is a well seasoned very formidable musician! Cane's brilliant lines and unwavering delivery leaves listeners anxious for more. His intellect and life experiences allows him to connect with individuals from all walks of life, every race, age, and gender. His love for music incomparable


Louisiana native ,Atlanta based Hip-hop artist Yung Cane is a well seasoned very formidable musician. His latest album Still Cane debuted on Itunes November of 2011. It has quickly gained nationwide attention. Yung Cane unleashes a dynamic eloquent track-list with hit singles likes : "To Sweet" featuring samples from Chaka khan , one of his childhood favorites. "Lookin Good" and "Rockin like That" , both featuring Alabama National Champ and 2011 NFL draft Luther (Freeze) Davis , "Money" with samples from famous rock band Pink Floyd and many more. Cane's brilliant lines and unwavering delivery leaves listeners anxious for more. His intellect and life experiences allows him to connect with individuals from all walks of life, every race, age, and gender.
Through out Yung Cane's career as a independent artist he had the chance to meet and perform his music for Major artist Like Grammy award winner Faith Evan, Bobby Brown, Ne- Yo, Shawty lo of G Unit records and more. In 2010 Cane met Cortez Bryant , Lil Wayne's manager. He was very impressed by Yung Cane . Cortez Bryant said Yung Cane was "very talented with cleaver and catchy material." He even invited Yung Cane to join a Cash Money event a few months later.

Yung Cane is pursuing a degree in business and audio engineering , he writes Hip-Hop and R&B songs for other artist and has done a few production project, Cane co-produced "Taxi" another single from Still Cane. When asked what he brings to the Music industry Cane says " Experience , knowledge and passion. I don't just throw stuff together or say what ever comes to mind, I take my craft very seriously and dedicated my time to giving the fans best material I can." Yung Cane writes all of his own material and directs all of his projects. He has great working relations with several studios which gives him unlimited access. He even has his own producers. These key elements cut down production cost and makes him a more valuable asset to any company.

Yung Cane was born in 1988 in Monroe Lousiana. his family moved to Atlanta Ga when he was two years old. Yung Cane's addiction to music started early. His mother exposed him to all genres as well as the history music. His early favorites consisted of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Al Jarreau , Kenny G, Anita Baker and Pattie Labelle to name a few. As time went on Cane became more influenced by Hip-Hop artist like 2 pac , Biggie Smalls, Jay - Z , UGK etc. Yung Cane was a natural.By age 10 he had already written several r&B and hip-hop songs . Yung Cane and his childhood friend Mike J of Interscope records use to perform their songs for people in the community .Cane created his first solo Album when he was 15 , he recorded the entire thing by himself on his brothers computer. When he was 17 Yung Cane moved to Atlanta and worked with an independent producer at a studio called Visions. Cane spent day and night in the studio learning the programs and hardware like the back of his hand. He began to network and collaborate with other artist from different studios around atlanta. Yung Cane released a mix tape the next year going by the name A- Game. He traveled to Seattle , Compton , Hollywood , Houston and several other cities personally distributing his mixtape and performing on the radio and other venues. He was able to increase his fan base make good connections and learn more about the music business. In 2008 Cane went on tour with an independent group the UN in Atlanta. They performed at a shows that hosted other artist such as Plies and Pastor Troy.

Yung Cane continues to get involved in every aspect of the game possible. His talent and work ethic has helped him achieve nation wide notoriety. With an undying appetite and love for the game that is incomparable it is difficult to classify Yung Cane with other artist. To simply call Him a rapper would be a huge understatement. One thing is for sure; we will be hearing a lot more from this talented young artist. " I've been doing this for a while now and I think thats what the difference is. This is natural to me , I cant see myself doing anything else."


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