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Yung Clepto

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As a rapper, Yung Clepto is a versatile, highly-skilled artist with a refreshing, golden style.


What do you call a guy who steals a show from right up under another man’s mic? For our purposes, you can call him Clep. It wasn’t part of the plan but it is how—in a fated performance almost 10 year ago—this Chicago native nabbed the opportunity to become a Yung Cleptomaniac.

Clep’s journey to the stage began in Blytheville, AR. where he spent many hours studying the music of rap icons like Pac, B.I.G. and Twista, and developing his talent for lyricism. Eventually he began battling on the streets, building a name for himself as a force amongst local rappers. He was then discovered by the Big Boy label which officiated his mission to introduce the world to Cleptomania.

He eventually relocated his pursuit of hip-hop reverence back home to Chicago where he joined the roster of Ill Regards Records and later became affiliated with Diamonds & The Ruff Entertainment. In the past few years he has focused on writing, performing, and cultivating his authentic, true-to-self style. “There are some people who sit around watching videos all day and that image becomes a part of them,” he says, “but I’m not trying to be Jay Z or anybody else. If I don’t have it, you won’t hear about it in my music. If I’m broke, I’ma rap about being broke, and when I come up, you’ll hear about that too.”

He is currently working on a venture with 740 SOUTH ENTERTAINMENT, and expects to complete the recording project in 2008.


Recording project to be completed in 2008

Set List

Hustla's Spirit -- 4:51
Please Enjoy the Music -- 4:06
My Buddy -- 4:57