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Yung Co

Waco, Texas, United States | SELF

Waco, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


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Feeling a bit camera shy


If you don’t know anything about the game of hip hop, then please get out your pen and paper and prepare to be school by one of the heavy hitters straight out of Waco, TX. Born in 1984, Yung Co is anything but novice when it comes to this rap sh*t. chopped it up with Yung Co.

If you had to choose main stream or underground success?

Main stream. For the fact that in order for me to achieve what I need to achieve, I need that mainstream success. I mean its really past needing it and wanting it. Its just an addiction. I mean I like when people listen to what I have to say so if I have to make a mainstream ass song in order for you to listen to my next ten, I will.

What is one of your favorite tracks that you have recorded?

I would say that I don’t have a favorite because I’m always trying to get that much better. I could record a track today and everyone can tell me they love it, two weeks and I don’t love it anymore because I have nit picked it to death. I still like it and I’m not saying I don’t think its good. But I like perfection. I plan on my music going out to as many people as I need it to. I don’t plan on it going out to Joe and Bobby from the local bar. I plan for my music to go out to Joe, Bobby, his momma, his daddy, cousin, everyone. But if I had to pick, I would say the most resent one that I have recorded titled “Tell Em”.

Everyone has a mission statement or a mantra what is yours?

As I wake up, man this is even bad for me to say but, honestly the thing that keeps me moving is being aggravated. I wake up in that mood every single day. If anything is going wrong, as soon as I wake up everyone hears about it. I tell my team about my aggravations so that they can get aggravated and motivated too. Then I have everyone motivated that we need. Honestly my competition gets me motivated so if you think that your gonna do something today and I’m not going to do it better tomorrow then that’s a bad thing because I will.

What do you think is going to get central Texas on the map?

Money. Money, that’s what it takes. As of now we have station after station and they are all local. We don’t have radio stations that broadcast on a national level like Dallas and Houston. I think that we all need to step up as artists and bring some money to this area. Stop paying ALL your money out for features and start bringing it here (central Texas).

Who is Yung Co?

VERY OPINONATED (laughs). But to be honest I have two kids, college, and got the baby moms at home. Just a normal person trying to live. I feel I’m getting old fast. I have done a lot of sh*t that I shouldn’t have, I feel like I have started life like three times over. I hope this time works. (laughs)

Is it hard being and artist?

Its really not hard because I like it. I mean we have had a-lot of artist on this label (wreckin the mic) and some of them gonna be mad when I say this but “They never had it in em to be an artist” for the fact that they always had this going on and that going on. I mean life is life your always going to have something going on but if you cant get up and go that’s a problem. As of now I have spent so many years doing this thing that if I stop now it would be like ok “we on chapter 3 lets just jump to chapter 4”. Its like a normal job if you keep starting from the bottom you never going to make manager. If you get a job at HEB then jump to Wal-Mart then somewhere else you never gonna move up you always going to be a sacker.

How is the process in the studio?

I love it. We don’t leave the studio. Its not like a home studio. We work in a professional studio where major artist are walking in and out. So if I leave the studio, even if its just for hour I’m losing money. Artist running around doing free songs and trying to find somewhere to record, man ya’ll gotta step your game up. If you not happy with the quality of your work nobody is going to like it. You can be the best rapper in the world (hand over mouth) but if is sounds like this (muffled speaking) aint nobody gonna listen to it. I go into the studio get comfortable for about 10 minutes then I just do it. I like to do tracks all the way through I don’t like to split up the track when I record. Anybody can think of something cool once but to go into the studio and actually make the music come out like it sounds in your head, takes time and effort.

Tell Me about Wreckin the Mic Records?

Basically do whatever we need to do but bigger than most. If I hear someone on a station I’m try to get on that same station but all year. If I notice you doing something that helps you in any way, I’m trying to do that same thing but on a bigger scale, and that’s just the way it is, it’s the nature of the game. This label is my label and we aint going nowhere. We got the tatts and when you get the tatts you cant leave.

Tell Cen Tex Hip Hop what you want them to know about YungCo?

I would like to say thanks to everyone who has hel