Yung Co

Yung Co

 Waco, Texas, USA
BandHip Hop

Yung Co writes and performs songs about the everyday struggles in peoples lives. He is often asked where he gets the inspiration for his music and he replies, "from life". This is truly reflected in his music.


Yung Co is an American rapper born and raised in Waco, Texas. Born in 1984 his love for hip-hop is inspired by many of the greatest artist this industry has ever seen. In his own words he states, "the first rap albums I ever heard were Doggystyle and All Eyez on Me, so for me hip-hop is the realest thing that Ive ever known. And I wouldn't bring music to the table that I felt would disrespect it".

Radio play with the song Beast With It
Radio play with the song Ride With A Hustler


Aint No Love - Album 2009
The Overdose - Mixtape 2009
Beast With It - Mixtape 2010