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Yung Czech

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Yung Czech is the best independent Hip Hop artist in New York, He has a sickening work ethic and a God Given talent to create incredible music. He has an amazing stage presence that will surely always leave the crowd wanting more. A truly gifted musician who is dedicated to making history everyday.


The highly dedicated artist Yung Czech from New York City is living his dream of changing music culture one day at a time. With his youthful spirit and creative thoughts he finds himself in a pool full of great artists. The rapper’s unique sound is influenced by his power to lose himself in his wild imagination. The self-made artist is in the works of releasing his EP, Designing Destiny, shooting music videos, blogs, live shows and touring for Summer 2012.

To be expected of on his newest project, Designing Destiny EP, is a variety of songs that make you want to dance, call your lover, reflect on the past and motivate the youth for the future. With influences such as Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne, he has used his roots to write lyrics that are not only relatable to the youth but that are also innovative. Tracks such as Code Red, Sky’s the Limit, My Night and The Highs, are really the ones who show his true creativity and his contribution to the music world. While gaining tens of thousands of views on YouTube, the artist reminds us that he never stops writing lyrics and is always ready to shoot the next video.


Designing Destiny via iTunes

Set List

In the rain
Skys the limit
My night
Highs N Lows