Yung Dre Lo

Yung Dre Lo

 San Antonio, Texas, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Yung Dre Lo is a new sound in Hip Hop that we have never seen or heard before. From his electric stage performance to his catchy hooks and professional sounding quality brand of music, Yung Dre Lo is a hit every time and never disappoints is perfect for any Venue!


From the hard streets of Gary, Indiana to the soft beaches of Florida, Yung Dre Lo has truly seen it all. From being the man of the house at a young age to dropping out of college having to survive off hustling. Yung Dre Lo expresses the joy, pain, and struggle in his lyrics in a way that we have not seen from another rapper before. Yung Dre Lo raps about what it took to make it where he is and where he wants to go in a smooth positive message.

After leaving Full Sail one of the top music programs in the country, Yung Dre Lo moved to Georgia to pursue his rap career and take his sound to the next level. With everything he has been through it is time for 22 year old Yung Dre lo to shine and make his fans learn what real rap sounds like.


Heartbreak Hotel (Mixtape)- 2012
Future Bright(Single)- 2012
Defying Odds (Mixtape)- 2012
Just Let Go (Single)- 2013