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Yung Fetti T

Memphis, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Memphis, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


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The best kept secret in music


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Straight From Da Streetz Volume 1: The World is Mines


Feeling a bit camera shy


You have Finally reached the era of the New Beggining, an Era of the artist that has surpassed Status Quo, An Era that you are Living in, An Era that you have lived to see, an Era in which Memphis Tradition shall change, if we're lucky enough to do so. This is the Artist Page for the Memphis Based artist known as Fetti. Yung Fetti is a Writer, Aspiring Producer, Rapper and Engineer. With these talents he plans to go far in the Music Industry to accomplish many great things. Born and raised on the North side of Memphis, TN the young urban performer has many goals and aspirations to look forward to in the construction of his early planned career. Goals that include, becoming a Multi Platinuim selling artist, Managing his own line/label of artists, as well as building and running his own "Major" Record Label. There are many things that are being strategically planned in this voyage to greatness. The love of Music to this artist cannot be stressed to any extent that would seem to make sense to the normal person, as a younger person the focus on music kept him out of trouble and also helped him hone many of his business principles relating to it. This unexplainable love of his music craft started within him at the very young age of 9. As every story starts out, He was just a young boy with the dreams of becoming a World Renowned Recording Artist when he became able enough to do so. But the thing that grasped him the most was his mere enjoyment of the Music. Fetti, explains a sort of Supernatural feeling that he gets when the music mixes with his thoughts, as he expresses the things he's experienced in life through his music. He says that these feelings are things that we all as African Americans should feel, because our culture and ancestors music expression is key to our expression. It's the root to it all, he stresses. The ideas that he has are good, and his ear for talent and vision of progression is great. As the years passed he decided that music was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. By this Time approaching the young age of 12 he had formed many groups that never lasted more than a couple of months. This was on and of from then until about the age of 16. The ability to rap has been a part of his Life for as long as he could remember, know one ever really knew this for a fact though til highschool at least. People would see the groups that he formed as ordinary, there was nothing to special about the group as a whole. Fetti of course, not settling for ordinary always went over and beyond the ordinary was always recognized as an individual for his lyrical content and deliverance. The thing that captured people the most was the nature of his lyrical content at such a young age. The word play and the use of verbiage that he portrays to explain the position in his everyday life is what captured the audiences attention. It was rather unusual for a 15 year old boy to be so deeply in tune with his feelings as well as the expression of his feelings. As a result to his many groups dissolving so many times people always saw his individual drive to succeed. And how quickly he could recruit talent to form another group when need be. He seeked advice from those close to him, it was suggested that those who have always been there and never abandoned the group were the ones who kept the group alive. These were Fetti himself and 2 other Talented Artist, to name Prepstar(St. Louis based artist) and Romeo(Memphis based artist) formed the Underground Memphis Group entitled 4sho. These 3 kept the group together and strived themselves as apposed to bringin the numbers back up to the normal 4 or 5 members. Still Fetti was convinced by many others that he was the one within the group with the most heart and drive to succeed, so he was encouraged to solo to bring recognition to himself. The same was encouraged to the other members, this was not at all an official break up, the group will always be. Whoever it may be to make it up and out first would carry the weight for the group and then finally bring the group's identity into existence in the climax of his career. He later met his current manager through a young Memphis R&B Singer "Dreale" and she introduced him to the Co-Owners of a Memphis Based Management Label. Going through their Foundation he found out a lot of things regarding to music law, business, and recording. During this time his other half of the group was in STL, after notifying the group of this step they returned and immediately started to work on a debut Compilation Album entitled "Da Black Edition". It was never finshed, so with the knowledge gained from this he pushed to establish himself. Equipped with a mind of knowledge and wisdom Fetti knew that every move you make in this business should be profitable. And your next move should always be better than the last one. Being said, Fetti plans to single-handedly make His Career, His Life, His Hunger, and His Drive an unimaginable success.