Yung Jetz

Yung Jetz

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our music is new refreshing and true we pride our selves in making good music that will change anybodies attitude as soon as our music is herd


Yung X-Clusive moved to Texas from louisiana at a young age of 12 then after 2 years he moved back to Louisiana with his grandmother and after a short year back home was faced with the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and had to evacuate his home town back to Dallas Texas and fell in love with the equality of opportunity. As soon as he learned how to read and write he jumped in a whole new lane of writing poetry that soon turned in raps after being inspired by artists like Jay-Z,Eminem,cassidy,Lil wayne and more. Before even being able to settle in xavier’s family was on the move from Laffeyette, LA to a new and more musically cultured city Dallas, Tx. This is where xavier took a back seat and let Yung X clusive step in the drivers seat. With so many people around him interested in music he grew more and more enthusiastic. He took the up North lyrical flow even doe he grew up listening to and combined it with the Southern twist and ran with it. Yung X-clusive was finishing high school, when being an artist became more than just writing lyrics and occasionally recording. He started touring where he developed a mouth dropping stage presents and a charisma of a performer. His group traveled threw out the south and became known for having the best shows introducing a new brand of music known as Club Versatility. Yung X-clusive didn’t want to be limited with this new discovery of Versatile Club music, this is when he invented another new sound called Ghetto Pop, this launched his new mix tape, #NoDaysOff. Mean while he dropped a single called "Rock It Slow(If I)" targeting his greatest supporters, the girls. X-clusive is a college student that lives a entertaining fast lifestyle addicted to cars, clothes, and girlz. He appeals to all crowds because he is ethically balanced. He grew up in an urban environment still holding on to his individuality with an international twist and a universal look. Yung X-clusive looks forward to big success in the near future as he looks to tell his under dog story and show the world this new hood star that the American Dream has built in a truly remarkable fashion.And that is when he meet his partner and brother Preston Powell and started Tru3 Musik Entertainment in 2009 as a senior in high school he feel in love with the music industry and the appreciation for his voice form his peers so he decided that is where he wanted to be and began moving forward with it and has surrounded his self with teammates on his label and artist that all have the same vision as him and they have made huge movements with performing at the Kwanzaa fest and other venues around Dallas and Oklahoma his team is more like a family and will remain this way.


Rock It slow

Written By: Yung X clusive

If I I I See you in the club tonight we gone rock it slow we gone rock it slow
If I I I See you with your girls tonight we gone rock it slow we gone rock it slow
If I I I Take you to the crib tonight we gone rock it slow we gone rock it slow


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