Yung King

Yung King

 Menlo Park, California, USA
BandHip HopPop

Yung King a new kind of music for the mainstream audience


Born July 11, 1991, Andrew Valentino Orellana, better known as a young Rap artist and beat maker, “Yung King” has always strived to demonstrate his artistic abilities through music. He became influenced by well-known artists such as “Dr. Dre”, “Ice Cube”, “Snoop Dogg”, and “2pac”. However, growing up as a Latino child in an African-American community known as Oak Park, located in Sacramento, California, Yung King never thought he would have the opportunity to produce the music he intended, especially during financial difficulties, tempting influential gang activity, and high crime-rate surrounding the environment, he faced throughout the years of his childhood. Although there were many complications, his parents did their best to provide the essential tools necessary for him to succeed in life, particularly his future career as an artist. At approximately age ten, an unexpected and unfortunate event of murder occurred in front of his home, which led toward the migration to the Bay Area.

During his years in Junior High School, his talent became noticed by his friends, family and peers after constructing his very first song named, “It’s All About Me”, which brought a West Coast “flavor”. Yung King and his long-term friend formed a small music group called “Young Loyal Fellaz”. However, the group became distant as Yung King gradually shifted his focus into his solo career. He recorded five solo songs which included various genres, such as Hip Hop and R&B, which he sold as demos across his local community and throughout California. He became somewhat recognized at roughly age fifteen around different High Schools in the Bay Area.

Yung King began constructing his own studio in his house where he recorded his music constantly. Although he desired bringing new music to the table, he felt it was going nowhere. He began performing at local parties and clubs around the Bay Area and Los Angeles. The acknowledgement he acquired from his fan base became increased, but Yung King longed for more. Through years of gaining experience, Yung King felt it was necessary to bring out his first debut album. The task was difficult; however, at age seventeen, he successfully managed to release his very first album named “Ages Of My Lyfe”. The album soon became available on well-known companies such as Amazon and iTunes.

Yung King soon met up with his childhood friend, Carlos Luna, also known by his artist name, “Slim C”, whose talent was later recognized by Yung King, which then led to the collaboration between the two young artists. Soon after, Yung King helped create Slim C’s debut album, “Wut It Dew”. They continue to make various songs together and strive to provide high-quality music to their fan base as well as to the entire population.

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