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Yung Mars

 San Francisco, California, USA
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A refreshing take on Hip-Hop. Blending classic soul, modern beats, and futuristic funk, Yung Mars has created and refined a sound that is truly original. His music has more head and more heart than your average radio rap. It speaks to people. It’s like getting an inside look into the young lyricist’s journal—spinning with raw social commentary, and self-awareness.


Yung Mars has his hand in every stage of the creative process, from beat making and arranging, to mixing and mastering. Favoring live instrumentation to sample-based music, he plays guitar, bass, and keys on many of his tracks. With a penchant for clever word play and thick harmonized choruses, Mars’ songs are catchy without being cliché.

Yung Mars wowed the college scene in 2007, when his self-titled debut reached #3 on the CMJ Hip Hop Top 20. His heavy college airplay was followed up with regular shows up and down the California coast—from San Francisco (The Elbo Room, The Red Devil Lounge) to LA (The Derby, The Mint), and college towns in between. He was also the official route entertainment for AIDS WALK SF, NY, and LA 2008.

Mars' live shows are a site to be seen, backed by a 6-10 piece neo-soul/hip-hop/funk band, he re-arranges the recorded material into a soulful sonic spectacle. When fully assembled, the Yung Mars Project (name of the full band) has a solid rhythm section, horns, background vocalists, and a scratch DJ.

His latest project—Santa Cruz or Bust—combines modern "mixtape style" mash-ups with a premium blend of new originals. Inspired by the kickback lifestyle of the Santa Cruz scene, nearly every track features a different Bay Area collaborator, from rappers and singers, to horn players and string sections. The record was getting love nationwide, spending over 2 months at #5 on the CMJ Hip-Hop charts this spring.



Written By: Yung mars

I walked right in, seen in my periphery that sparkling gem.
Didn’t even have time or the mind to get a drink.
Confined to a stare I had to try even blink

I walk right thru, try not to pay attention as I walk by you.
I’m stalking you. Not like a human but a tiger who.

Hungers I’m younger I’m stronger I blunder thru thickets I plunder the swiftest and pick this moment to own it I’m on it, a poem created with movement our bodies the sonnet.
Or our flesh is the pen to the pape, in tending out fate we bend and we shake, sending a quake thru the floor to the bar to the drink to your lips, now you gotta move those hips.

Y como sabes que queres bailar con migo?
Y como sabes que queres bailar con migo?

I stalked night wind, searchin’ for the scent hell bent on the end,
Eyes on the prize as I took her by the hand,
Stepped to the floor had to make her understand

I’m hot like you, dipping to the one and grinding on the two,
I’m winding you, not like a fool man but a rhymer who.

Seeking I’m peaking while freaking, I’m speaking in body language,
How does your body manage to twist it and pop it like that, then were rocking right back
There aint no stopping like tracks gotta
keep moving I’m viewing you thru kaleidoscope lenses lets pretend this
is true even if only for the length of a song, go head girl you can sing along

Y como sabes que queres bailar con migo?
Y como sabes que queres bailar con migo?

And by the time that the song is over,
I’m almost sober.
So back to the jack and soda.
I’m mackin’ the barstool Casanova
Not plastered but enraptured by todos las formas
I hit the bartend a look and I get
Put the drink to my lip and the throat that I wet
Put my last dollars on the bar and then had to step
Back down to the dance floor you all know my intent.

Y como sabes que queres bailar con migo?
Y como sabes que queres bailar con migo?


*Yung Mars (self titled debut album) 2007 - #3 on CMJ hip-hop charts for August of that year.

*Santa Cruz or Bust (sophomore release) - #5 on CMJ hip-hop charts in spring of 2010

Streaming on Pandora, & Yahoo Radio (featured underground artist).

Making of videos:

Set List

My live show involves a 6-10 piece hip-hop/neo-soul/groove band and is called "The Yung Mars Project".

We can play up to 100 minutes of all original material. We also have plenty of hip-hop/soul covers that we can add to a set if desired.

Standard Yung Mars Project Set:
What's Next
Just to be You
Beautiful Distraction
Take a Ride
Hung Up on RIddem
Pulled Plugs