Yung O

Yung O

BandHip Hop

My music has a all around feel with a southern background.


.. FOR BOOKING, FEATURES, OR ANY INQUIRIES ABOUT YUNG O, CONTACT "R.P." @ 509-380-0124 "The Southside of Oklahoma City is notorious for its underground market of rap hustlers. In a time where only those with business savvy and outstanding determination supercede the stigma of just another rapper, Yung O is making strides to bring B.A.D. Muzik Entertainment and himself into the hip hop limelight throughout the whole "South" and beyond. Conflict with authority figures in school steered Yung O into rapping simply as a hobby to stay out of trouble. This pastime quickly turned into a passionate ambition as his peers encouraged him to pursue a career due to appeal of his power packed punchlines, staggering versatility, and genuine southern flow. Even after life's cyclical events brought forth obstacles, changes within his squad, and unfortunate burdens, his sole determination is what distinguishes Yung O's demeanor and approach to pursue his career as a hip hop artist. His vibrant performances throughout various southern states has helped Yung O and B.A.D. Muzik Ent establish a strong following and they continue to build great anticipation to his future projects and upcoming album "Already Famous".


I released a mixtape with my group S.R.C,(Sumthin Really Crucial) in 2005 and the name of the track was Tornado Alley

Set List

I typically set a list of 16 to 18 songs per album my show sets are betyween 15 to 30 mins