Yung Poppa

Yung Poppa

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopPop

Yung Poppa is a solo artist that creates beats in the likeness of Dr.Dre jus with a rougher edge and spits lyrics that brings 2pac or the doggpound to mind but with a much larger librarie of metaphors


“YUNG POPPA” is a young adult from south Los Angeles who`s really overcome all of the negative influences that neighbored the community at that time. Growing up as a young boy Yung Poppa always loved music rather it was singing rapping or just listening to it, it became a past time for him.And I feel its safe to say that he expressed himself thru the music he listened to and he really loved music but no one would know just how much until he started jr. high school where he took a music class. Yung Poppa played the drums cello and other instruments but it seemed none of the instruments brought him the joy he felt when he pressed a piano key It wasn’t long before he was playing songs he heard on the radio Yung Poppa stills feels like those were some of the best days of his life but as we all know with every smooth ride there`s bound to be a bump in the road and Yung Poppa`s bump came in the form of switching schools and neighborhood gangs and since most of the people that considered themselves gang members were the only friends Yung Poppa had it was easy to channel negative path and at this point Yung Poppa strayed away from his love of music but it wouldn’t be long because thru a mutual friend Yung Poppa was introduced to a person that went by the name “Sleep” that just happened to be starting a indie music company and it wasn’t long before the two seen they had something very similar in common and that was ( love for music)Yung Poppa and Sleep started working together and til this day continue to do so with music being sold on itunes and several other online stores and have their profile on over 100 different websites.


Fight 4 Chedda

Written By: Yung Poppa/Sleep

They wonder why we like barrettas and fight for chedda for mine i`ll die twice with pleasure stay busting on the front line stay ducking one time stay with a sachel of bomb thats how the thuggs grind(Course)


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