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Toledo, Ohio, United States

Toledo, Ohio, United States
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"NSHH Interviews Yung Prof From TOLEDO, OH (USA)"

Andrea: Why did you choose the name “Yung Prof”?

Yung Prof: It came from Yung Profyt, not sure why I went with that particular name but I shortened it when people were confusing me with another rapper with a similar name.

Andrea: Tell us a little bit about where you’re from.

Yung Prof: I’m from Toledo, OH. It’s a small city with a small city mentality but it’s home. I spend a lot of time either busy working or out of town so I stay out of what goes on here honestly.

Andrea: What’s the hip hop scene like out in Ohio?

Yung Prof: There’s isn’t many decent events dedicated to hip-hop anymore. In my area in particular there were plenty of shows that artists could perform at back in 2009 but over the past 4 years it has really dwindled down to next to nothing In Toledo

Andrea: What made you wanna start pursuing hip hop?

Yung Prof: From the time I first recorded a song back in 2004 I think it was. I wasn’t as serious as I should’ve been until I took the time to learn the business and work on polish that end of the game.

Andrea: Who, or what, would you say is your biggest inspiration when it comes to your music?

Yung Prof: You can hear the T.I. influence in my music but I’m also inspired by artists like MGK & Kid Cudi. I followed MGK’s career since he did his first major mixtape back in 2010 and look where he’s at now.

Andrea: Everybody always describes themselves as different and unique… What do you feel sets you apart from other artists?

Yung Prof: Not saying that noone else can do it but everything I’ve done I’ve done it on my own. I’ve never had a manager and I’ve never had a team behind me. I’ve gotten in my car and driven hours by myself to showcases and conferences. I don’t know of anyone else doing that around here at least. I’m about business that’s one of my mottos, I don’t make time for much extra.

Andrea: You seem to know the game pretty well with seven mixtapes and one album under your belt, what would you say has evolved the most when comparing your first mixtape, to your latest track “Let’s Talk About It”?

Yung Prof: Mainly to me would be the business behind it. My main goal is to polish that up altogether. Musically I’ve become a lot more serious with my music. My first mixtape was all industry beats but I’ve grown past that.

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Andrea: Being an up and coming artist, what would you say is the key to pushing through and being successful?

Yung Prof: truthfully I’m still working on that one. I haven’t achieved much in my mind so that’s probably what keeps me going other than the support from the few people in my corner.

Andrea: What was it like managing and booking yourself? What was the toughest part?

Yung Prof:Its frustrating and not too rewarding at all. Being an artist that just wants to be heard sometimes all that’s available are shows you either have to pay to get on or shows with no pay and nobody in the crowd. That’s the main reason I decided it was time to get the business end together and build up a decent fanbase or else the results will continue to be minimal at best.

Andrea: If you had the chance to collab with any artist of your choice, who would you pick and why?

Yung Prof:T.I. obviously because that’s my favorite rapper & Kid Cudi because his mind and his music are on a whole other level.

Andrea: When was the first time you heard one of your tracks get played on the radio?

Yung Prof:On a segment called “Battle of the Beats” my song Superman that I did back in 2006.

Andrea: And how’d you feel when you heard it?

Yung Prof:I felt like I made it, like I was famous. This was when I was a little more naive if you can’t tell

Andrea: What else have you accomplished so far as an artist?

Yung Prof:I’ve been nominated for awards in my area even won the Award of Excellence for my hard work as an artist. As much as I’ve done as an artist I’ll never feel like I’ve done enough

Andrea: And what more should we expect from Yung Prof in the near future?

Yung Prof: I’m working on a promo tour to push my single “Let’s Talk About It” and raise awareness for my upcoming EP ReConstruction due out this winter. Also promoting my teammate CJay Dinero’s single “Green Lights (Go)” produced by Young Sity

Andrea: We appreciate ya for taking the time out to for the interview, are there any last words or shout outs you’d like to give?

Yung Prof: I appreciate you as well. Shout out to North Star Hip Hop first of all. Shout out to my wife, my new team Supreme Grindin’ Ent./Konspiracy Ent., That Dude Jasper, Hitashi, Mark J., CJay Dinero, Newkleus, Steel Ryder Posse, Mr. Rage (R.I.P.), my city, my state, my fam and any and every body that has, is and ever supported what I do. Look me up at or just Google me. GHED…..Grind Hard Every Day - NORTHSTAR HIP HOP

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"…He (B-Wills) slated to debut original music at his homecoming concert with Toledo favorites like T. Diamond, Yung Prof, Infamiss, Cleveland's Chevy Blue and others…." - Martini Rox - Toledo Free Press Star

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No matter what song his words tend to paint a picture so vivid and dynamic that even listeners not familiar or fond of hip-hop can enjoy and grasp what Yung Prof has to say. Besides having a delivery like no other artist, Prof has never been a stranger to hard work and promoting and perfecting his craft is no exception. Onstage his presence is unmatched thanks to his size and surprising energy, which is good reason why he gains new fans every time he performs in front of a new crowd. Altogether Yung Prof is a forced to be reckoned with and what hes accomplished so far doesnt hold a candle to whats coming next.

Without a manager or any record company support, Prof has managed to get himself featured on 106.9 WWSU in Dayton, OH as well as many internet radio staions around the nation not to mention both major hip-hop radio stations in his city, The Juice 107.3 and Hot 97.3, as well as mentions in local papers such as The Sojourner Truth and The Toledo Free Press. Aside from the media features he's booked himself performances in over thirty venues in the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan areas including the famous PJ's Lager House in Detroit and the popular Earth Nightclub in Cleveland including opening up for famous artists such as T-Pain, Freeway, Rasheeda, and the legendary 2 Live Crew. Prof's catalog includes seven mixtapes, an album and two singles (Is You Mad & Let's Talk About It) distributed via iTunes and other major music mediums. Just recently added to his resume is his nomination for Best Mixtape at the 419 Music Awards taking place in his hometown of Toledo, OH. Prof is currently in the studio recording his next two projects and has begun to focus more on branding himself as an artist by recently creating his own personal website and working on the blog site

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