Yung Saintt

Yung Saintt

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As an artist I am very ambitions very coachable, determined and passionate. I welcome opportunities to perform and demostrate my ability to engage the crowd and promote venues I am involved with. I have been signed with a record label and traveled extensively performing nationwide.


I begin performing at an early age.where I was born in Little Rock Arkansas and later moved to Dallas TX in 1999 and futhered developing as an artist. I grew up in Pleasant Grove.a part of Dallas, Texas that brought tough times and helped me to relate to the struggles of everyday life. I been through alot growing up and always turned to music for relief and soul searching to help myself and others. My roots and upbringing is reflected in my music. Throughout this process I have had the opportunity to perform with some local and national talents such as Drake and Haterproof Boyz (Member and contract with Universal). Now I am about making positive music to help influence the best in others trying to be productive in the society that may have started without and underpriviledged.


ROC-IT 4 ME (Recorded 2011)
SPOTLIGHT (Recorded 2011)
RADIO HIT (Recorded 2011)
JAZZY GIRL (Recorded 2012)
KING OF THE CLUB (Recorded 2009)
LIL MAMA BAD (Recorded 2010)
SAINTT (Recorded 2012)
WARRIORS (Recorded 2012)
I'M ON FIRE (Recorded 2012)
SHE'S BAD (Recorded 2012)