Yung Solo

Yung Solo

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Well the consist of 4 young brother trying to come up... Yung Solo is from South Carolina known as the King of the Kak and he can also sing and write song only been rapping since August of 2007. Hoodstar is from Augusta GA Known as the punch line King. An there is also Money Mane and Buttah.


The Crew was formed in December of 2007 when Yung Solo moved from South Carolina to Groetown G.A. Yung Solo made a mini Studio in his room and the rew begin making mix-tape using beats thats used by many rappers that are already in the game. They main influence is Dipset, even though dipset is based from up north they love the way the dipset crew is formed. The main influence for Yung Solo is outkast mainly the royal breeder Big Boi. They are different from other bands because of there southern flo. They have came with there own original flos fit to there personalites. They all have passion for music and they work hard every day afterschool and afterwork to reach the ultimate goal, making it in the music industry.


They have some Music blazin in the Street but far as radio play it hasn't made it there yet.

Set List

They haven't came with a set list yet...