Yung Squad

Yung Squad

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Yung Squad is a Hip-Hop movement. Consisted of two rappers HoLLyWood H.O.O.D and Body Bagg$. Both acquire the unique ability for originality, and song writing. Also each artist has his own demeanor, pitch, delivery, flow, and swag which is what the games been missing.


Body Bagg$

It all started 1987 ("Yea i'm a 80's baby").... as a child growing up i always wanted to be rich and famous!!! Being that I always wrote my thoughts on paper I figured that I could be a poet... ("well a rapper really") By my early teen years I started to become more serious about my rapping career and I began to form a group, I started going to the studio more to finish my first mixtape, and I tried to find ways to get signed. It started in Staten Island were I spent most of my years, but when I moved to the Bronx a major switch was made were I became apart of Yung Squad/ Dirty Duce. Eventually my team and I started preforming in parties, doing street battles, and anything that would get us noticed.

- Growing up in a neighborhood full of commotion and violence, I felt it was only right to put my thoughts and feelings on paper. Artists such as 2pac, B.I.G, Bone Thugs, and DMX influence me to change my thought into "HISTORY IN THE MAKING."

HollyWood H.O.O.D

First off H.O.O.D stands for (Hardest 0ut 0f da Hood) ... cuz growing up on the streets of New York I've learned the only way to make it out of the "HOOD" and make a dream reality is to go the extra mile or in other words rap and work harder than everyone else.... But it all started 1988 born Jerome "HoLLyWood Hood" Forteau. While growing up in New York city I always had the love for music growing up with my two older brothers who listened to Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggae, and R&B... I then began to write my own music at the age of 12 when I found out i have a gift to write music..

- My influence to write music came from the greatest rappers dead or alive like Notorius B.I.G, Tupac Shakur, JadaKiss & The Lox, Mase, and Jay-Z. The reason being each artist made a name for themselves with out a gimmic. They became stars with hard work,hard rhymes, perfect pitch and delivery, and great song writing skills.....

Yung Squad

HoLLyWood H.0.0.D & Body Bagg$ both acquire a new form of lyrics and word play, good song writing skills, delivery, pitch, and topped off with a new type of swag which is gonna bring Hip-Hop back to New York City and The Bronx"Birth Place of Hip-Hop". The Y.S. movement is not only gonna change Hip-Hop but also the Hip-Hop culture from the way you talk, dress, write, rap, and walk......

Set List

We have a 3 track performance set for now. Our set usually takes about 8 to 10 min. It depends on the showcase an or time on stage that determines what songs we will perform.