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Yung's desire is to encourage all people, especially his generation to think about their faith and lifestyle with positive hip-hop music.He writes serious songs about his life alongside "hype" songs that allow him to have fun and interact with the crowd.


Luke was first drawn to hip-hop at the age of 10 after seeing the movie Space Jam. "The intro to the movie was the first rap song I memorized word for word," says Yungtown. He had a natural flavor for hip-hop, and as he grew older he harnessed his ability to free-style. At age 13 he and his family made a move to Springville, AL (where they currently live). At this point Yung was discouraged and missed his old home. He started to use his ability to rap to release the hurt he felt. On a computer microhone in his kitchen, Yung created some of his first raps.
Over the years, Yungtown grew in his ability and developed a deep passion for music. He went through a list of aliases until he came across "Yungtown." The name simply means a young teenager in a small town. Yungtown's influences include Toby Mac, Bobby Bishop, Manafest, KJ-52, Grits, Verbs, and DC-Talk.
To be just 17 Yungtown has accomplished so much. Last year, he finished his first full-length album recorded at his home studio. He won the National Rap contset through Breakaway Magazine and recorded a demo with KJ-52. He and KJ will be the cover story in the February 2008 issue. He was invited to perform at Enfuego, a Christian music festival in Verbena, AL with attendence records over 25,000 people.
What sets Yungtown apart is, even with achievments like these, he remains humble. "I give God all the credit for my talent, and he has done nothing but bless me," says Yungtown. "While other rappers are riding on 26 inch rims, I'm building up my treasures for heaven by reaching out to all people, through Christian Hip-hop." He is a regular high school student with something positive to say!
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Spelt it Wrong. I Won't Stop. Let's Go. True Love. My Spirit. It's the Renaissance. Like That

Set List

Spelt it Wrong. Let's Go. Free Style track. I Won't Stop. My Spirit. Like That. Set number varies. Yung can do a full 1 hour set or do several 10 to 15 minute sets. If he covers, he does 3-4 songs consisting of Spelt it Wrong, Let's Go and the free style track.