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Pure hiphop music with no gimmicks. Professional sound quality with thought provoking lyrics. Intense, high energy stage show that goes smoothly with a non-stop flow. Also check out WWW.YUNYEN.COM & MYSPACE.COM/YUNYEN


The Yûnyen (pron. union) crew is made up of Jonathan Dough, Sean OC, Swift Dixshun, Obsurd 1der and Progress Brindle. The five-member team of emcee’s and producers represent the Southern California hip-hop scene as they skillfully balance their various backgrounds and creative differences. They recognize things have changed, not only in the rap game but also mostly in the industry. Today’s artists have to create their own buzz and Yûnyen is doing so with the free release of the “The Appetyza”, a non-stop rhythmic collage of live shows, song snippets, free styles, instrumentals, accapellas, and spoken word. It runs continuous and smooth for 27 minutes and is built for the listener to sit back and do just that, listen! It is hard to describe, let alone classify as a demo or your standard album sampler.

Constantly recording, rehearsing and performing, their adaptable stage show covers a long list of material. They’ve headlined shows at venues such as, The House of Blues, National Orange Show, Club Dragon Fly and The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, The Watts Summer Festival, Club Recognize and Cafiendz in San Diego as well as 14 Below in Santa Monica and various events in the Inland Empire, along with many other locations and colleges in Southern California.

Because of their roots, fans and promotion team (now setting up in Washington CD and Atlanta GA.) The Yûnyen buzz is spreading. They keep in touch with their following through their website at, their myspace page at, 800# and their Mailing List. Fans are always updated on News and Events, and sent free CD’s tickets and other promo-material.

They released their debut album “L.I.F.E. The LP” in January 2006. The hard working rhyme crew is now working on their follow up album and their production CD “Beats and Instrumentals”. By combining party anthems such as “Off The Wall” and “Summertime” with underground rooted songs like “F.O.R” and “Battlefield”, “L.I.F.E. The LP” is a true resuscitation of underground hip-hop and stage presence traveling beyond to new fresh ideas.

Yûnyen is thankful to the DJ’s, booking agents and promoters all claiming to be the first to put Yûnyen on the scene. There is no gimmick, no classification or comparison, no image, no 8x10 photo poses, just the music, the grind, their following and the show.

For booking, shows, and questions contact us at or call:
1 (951) 288-3737 and ask for Progress


Full length album "L.I.F.E- The LP" available now
Singles released for airplay are "F.O.R", "Off The Wall", "Summer Mind State" and "Hustlin"...

Set List

Set can go from 20 minutes to 1 hour as needed...
Typical songs in set are:
Off The Wall
Lifes Not A Game
I Write
plus other songs from the album when needed and occasionaly quick 20-30 sec freestyles to instrumentals mixed in between the songs randomly by one emcee at a time.