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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | INDIE

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | INDIE
Band Alternative Pop




"On the spot - Yunyu: Twisted Tales live at the Powerhouse"

We were delighted to catch Yunyu in the Visy Theatre at the Brisbane Powerhouse; a venue small enough for eye contact to add impact and humour throughout the show.

The stage was set for an evening of demented delights. A backlit pumpkin toward the rear of the stage; to the sides were wispy white drapes with projections cast upon them. Adorning other parts of the stage were white ghostly images of Cinderella’s carriage, and a variety of other characters. Characters of which we would hear Yunyu sing about in her modernized retelling of some of the most well-known fairy tales.

Her Royal Madness whet our appetite with some of her earlier songs such as Too Subliminal and Lenore’s Song; reintroducing us to her style, letting us get comfortable before blowing us away with more recent songs from Twisted Tales.

Through state of the art Animation, by New York Times #1 bestselling Manga Artist Queenie Chan, and further visual depictions by The Commonist and Imogen Ross; Yunyu successfully blends her off center style of storytelling with live music. - Spotlight Report


he writing of the music was amazing. Every song was a re-imagining of a classic fairy tale (Twisted Tales, get it?). Yunyu stated pretty early that this wouldn’t be a Disney movie, and she didn’t lie. We heard about 20 songs all up and I was familiar with pretty much all of the original stories.

They were all great examples of modern takes on the genre. Every character had a personality flaw that Yunyu did very well in analysing: Goldilocks is an indecisive airhead who can’t figure out that she is the one with the problem; Dorothy is a cosmonaut lost in space who can’t find her way home; The Match-Stick Girl is a drugged-up youngin’ who can’t seem to get her way out of the back-alley, constantly waiting for the ‘next dream’. Like Yunyu said, none of the stories had happy endings.

The animations in the background were a good idea. They did seem a little repetitive though, as if they only made 30 seconds for each song and looped them, but they added a new dimension to the music and were always relevant to the song. It wasn’t like at a concert where there’s something playing in the background to appease the eye, it was a genuine part of the show and added to it as a whole. - Critical Mass

"Yunyu's Twisted Tales Tour - The Powerhouse Theatre"

The whole set-up is unique: the opening in the show urges those in attendance to take out their phones and scan the QR codes on our tickets. Finally, after the lengthy intro, the band took to the stage and Yunyu made her presence known to all. Her cute, almost pixie-like look belied a sinister undertone, as her often macabre banter showed her to be quite deranged in her influences for her style. As she herself mentioned, ‘everyone who’s alive is a bit strange’. What amazed me was her ability to act as though she was absolutely out of her mind, and yet keep the (criminally) small crowd entertained and laughing at her nuances and strange tales that never seemed to go where you’d think they would. Never before have I ever seen someone make the theme of death and despair seem so… Entertaining. - Press Record


East Village is east Sydney's new intermit revolution. An exclusive look at acoustica's freshest. Its simply expected to impress. East Village is a perfect setting for Sydney's showcase of emerging talent to shine as part of a fresh generation.A new collective cast from the raw organic mould !

Performance tonight was at most,impressive on occasion.
That was until the blessing of a truly original artist YUNYU lifted the nights performance level to new boundaries of self expression.YUNYU spun her extraordinary web of enticingly brilliant creation into a room clearly fallen prey to her seductive prowess and demented cuteness.YUNYU posesses a captivatingly brilliant projection in her vocal technique.She has been likened to a number of well known underworld divas yet none of which there is evidence to predate her new sound and anarchist approach to the usual vocal boundaries of commercial voice

YUNYU is quite simply not to be missed by any self respecting creature of the night.Her exquisite bite can be felt at
- Hitstate Australia's Best Music Website

"Spinning a Tune"

"Finely crafted pop songs that sit somewhere between Bjork, Britney Spears and a disturbing Japanese Anime." --Xpress, Rock Xtras - Xpress

"Yunyu: Sweet & Scary"

In Chinese, “yunyu” means “beautiful rhythms”. When the mother of Australian popstress Yunyu gave her that symbolic name, she must have had musical intentions towards her child’s future. This was further clarified when she sent Yunyu to a “classical music nazi concentration camp” (as Yunyu puts it) at the age of two, something that Yunyu considers both a curse and a blessing. Is it just me, or does Yunyu look a bit out of place at a children’s birthday party? Her music is not exacty birthday music, but a diverse array of several influences ranging from industrial gothic punk to cute Asian pop music. While those two genres seem to be the exact opposite of one another, Yunyu’s songs vary in style but still maintain to construct a manageable flow on her debut album, Spiked Soul. Yunyu is as interesting and unique as her music. She can communicate in over five languages and in her free time enjoys visiting psychosis support forums and studying murder cases. And you thought indie music was an odd obsession.

Indeed, Yunyu makes some beautiful music, ranging from the chilling gothic ballad of ‘Lenore’s Song’ to the energetic ‘You Are Expendable’, which actually borrows several components of Japanese pop, a genre that Yunyu openly admires. Yunyu also possesses a vocal Björk influence, moreso emotionally than physically empowering, giving another example of a small young woman who has voice that often seems larger than life. Yunyu does not have the same vocal strength as Björk (who does?), but she certainly has a similar undying passion. While her dark musical songwriting is complementary and diverse, the thing that strikes me most about Yunyu is her deep and thoughtful lyrical content. In the fan favorite ‘Lenore’s Song’, Yunyu addresses it as a reply letter to Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”. Another one of Yunyu’s odd interests is writing love letters to dead people, something she considers romantic. “When I see you laughing with them, have my secrets become jokes?” Yunyu pleads, “when I see you lunching with them, is my flesh the meat they poke?” Unsurprisingly odd but deep from someone with such an innocent and sweet voice. I found Spiked Soul about two weeks too late, as it would have made the perfect Halloween soundtrack. From her use of eerie synths in ‘Lenore’s Song’ to the aggressive guitar riffs in ‘A Prayer’, all with engaging vocal melodies, Yunyu’s debut is something of originality and pure talent. - Obscure Sound

"Slave to the Rhythms"

Trip hop fans take note. Former Triple J Unearthed winner for Western Australia and child prodigy Yunyu (pronounced ‘yoon-yoo’) is set for big things. The Singapore-born and now NSW-based musician has just released her debut album Spiked Soul, which has quickly picked up radio rotation around Australia. The singer’s name means ‘beautiful rhythms’ and, like Bjork or Lamb, her songs throb with the contrast between cute melodies and wicked lyrics.

Yunyu won the Western Australian leg of Triple J’s Unearthed competition in 2002. She played her first gig a year later and has spent the past few years touring and preparing to record the debut album. Several of the songs were included on an earlier EP that gained high rotation airplay on Triple J and top 10 college chart action in Canada.

The new album took shape under the influence of producer Rob Agostini, who brought out the spectral melodies and sound of the album. However, many of the elements were set from the classically trained musician’s first EP: heavily layered piano melodies, electronic production and that hint of a Celtic lilt to the voice.

The fabulous videos for both singles are available from Yunyu’s website. The clip for Lenore’s Song was stripped back to its bare bones, with some of the crew behind Superman Returns and Lord of the Rings stapling together 16,000 digital photos instead of using a video camera.

Yunyu’s debut album Spiked Soul is now available on CDBABY and Earshot Music, as well as Itunes.

Yunyu on myspace - Nokia Music CMS


2012 Album Release: Twisted Tales
Distributed by Madman Entertainment and MGM.

2006 Album Release : Spiked Soul
Self titled EP release



Yunyu: Biography
A short story about Her Royal Madness, and her twisted take on tales
[as at March 2012]

Yunyu is a musician whose songs range from love to violent murders. Her hobbies include visiting psychosis self help forums and studying murder case files because she finds these things way more inspiring than counting beans.

As a small child, Yunyu’s father would read Grimm Brothers fairy tales to her every night. The difference being that each time he would change the ending and therefore twist the tale. It was this minor, but repetitive ritual that skewed the way Yunyu viewed life forever more.

Her musical career started when her mum named her Yunyu [beautiful rhythms] and auditioned her into a classical music concentration camp when she was three [3]. Like all misfits, she found the classical environment lacking in humour. After countless, merciless tortures she finally tunnelled to freedom using nothing but a very blunt, leadless pencil at aged nine [9]. The trauma of the near death experience caused Yunyu to connect with Zombies and the Spirit world on a deep, personal level. Her musical weapons of choice are many. She plays keyboards, Japanese Drums (Taiko), the gourd flute (hulusi) and also the Gu Zheng - an age old oriental 36 stringed instrument.

Shortly after arriving in Australia from Singapore [2000], Yunyu won Australia's Triple J Unearthed [2002] with her song ‘You Are Expendable’ and subsequently made the 4 Minute Wonder music video. ‘You Are Expendable’ topped the Canadian college Charts for a month helping build awareness of Yunyu’s music in North America and drive sales of her debut album Spiked Soul.

Amidst live shows and invites to Fuse Festival, Peats Ridge, Singapore International Arts festival, it soon became apparent that Yunyu's music was having a clear affinity with lovers of pop culture, comics, manga, Science Fiction and Fantasy.

It was her own love of Fantasy stories, anime and manga that lead her on a path to many appearances at Science Fiction and pop culture conventions where she met creators from various mediums, including film and books. Award winning Novelists Neil Gaiman and Warren Ellis have also mobilised their massive fan bases by blogging about her work.

Through these conventions, Yunyu met and collaborated with Matt Carter, Enchanter Productions, to make the highly successful music video Lenore’s Song – a song that is a tribute and a reply to Edgar Allan Poe’s - The Raven. Matt waved his wand and crew talents from Lord of the Rings and Superman Returns appeared and the video was made.

This clip was an ambitious stop motion film, consisting of 17000 digital stills. By 2007, Lenore's Song video was nominated for various awards and was selected as finalist in the 2008 St Kilda Film festival Music video awards. To date Lenore’s Song has achieved well over 130 000 views on Youtube.

2007 saw Yunyu play the Singapore International Arts Festival where she met her manager Lee McIver through AUSTRADE [Australian Trade Commission], Lee attended her performance and decided to sign her to his management company 10 minutes into the show. Under his mentorship, she began undertaking intensive musical development and started to work on writing for an ambitious new album [Twisted Tales] to be released this year [2012].

While performing as featured artist at the Australian Creative Commons convention Marianne De Pierres, an Aurealis award winning science fiction writer, a long time fan of Yunyu’s work proposed to Yunyu that she write a book soundtrack to her gothic trilogy of Night Creatures, starting with her first book Burn Bright. Marianne’s publisher Random House officially commissioned the work and the book soundtrack “Angel Arias” was released to much online support in March 2011. A follow up collaboration resulted in a secret track for the release of the second book, also titled Angel Arias, in September 2011.

In between these commissions and further live performances Yunyu’s second album [Twisted Tales] continued to grow.

Twisted Tales is an ambitious music-manga -animation album/collaboration, which asks the question, “What happens when Fairy Tales come to live in our modern Universe?” New York Times #1 Bestseller Manga Artist Queenie Chan, who is best known for her collaboration with horror author Dean Koontz, along with leading animators the Common ist, and Lucid Edge based in Thailand and Malaysia join in the foray to create manga and animation to bring Twisted Tales to life. The result is an ambitious multi-media music experience to be released episodically kicking off with the single and awesome animation film-clip titled Dorothy – released in February 2012.

Each song in Twisted Tales is a richly woven tale of a single fairy tale character coming to live in the modern times. For instance Yunyu’s Dorothy has been blown away by the Kansas winds again. This time, she is a cosmonaut who finds herself stuck in space as