Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

Genre-crossing, time-travelling pop. Has performed in various festivals including the Singapore International arts fest. Commissioned by Random House publishing to do soundtracks for the international release of Young Adult Novel, Burn Bright by Marianne De Pierres in 2011. New album release 2011.


Yunyu: Biography
A short story about Her Royal Madness, and her twisted take on tales
[as at March 2012]

Yunyu is a musician whose songs range from love to violent murders. Her hobbies include visiting psychosis self help forums and studying murder case files because she finds these things way more inspiring than counting beans.

As a small child, Yunyu’s father would read Grimm Brothers fairy tales to her every night. The difference being that each time he would change the ending and therefore twist the tale. It was this minor, but repetitive ritual that skewed the way Yunyu viewed life forever more.

Her musical career started when her mum named her Yunyu [beautiful rhythms] and auditioned her into a classical music concentration camp when she was three [3]. Like all misfits, she found the classical environment lacking in humour. After countless, merciless tortures she finally tunnelled to freedom using nothing but a very blunt, leadless pencil at aged nine [9]. The trauma of the near death experience caused Yunyu to connect with Zombies and the Spirit world on a deep, personal level. Her musical weapons of choice are many. She plays keyboards, Japanese Drums (Taiko), the gourd flute (hulusi) and also the Gu Zheng - an age old oriental 36 stringed instrument.

Shortly after arriving in Australia from Singapore [2000], Yunyu won Australia's Triple J Unearthed [2002] with her song ‘You Are Expendable’ and subsequently made the 4 Minute Wonder music video. ‘You Are Expendable’ topped the Canadian college Charts for a month helping build awareness of Yunyu’s music in North America and drive sales of her debut album Spiked Soul.

Amidst live shows and invites to Fuse Festival, Peats Ridge, Singapore International Arts festival, it soon became apparent that Yunyu's music was having a clear affinity with lovers of pop culture, comics, manga, Science Fiction and Fantasy.

It was her own love of Fantasy stories, anime and manga that lead her on a path to many appearances at Science Fiction and pop culture conventions where she met creators from various mediums, including film and books. Award winning Novelists Neil Gaiman and Warren Ellis have also mobilised their massive fan bases by blogging about her work.

Through these conventions, Yunyu met and collaborated with Matt Carter, Enchanter Productions, to make the highly successful music video Lenore’s Song – a song that is a tribute and a reply to Edgar Allan Poe’s - The Raven. Matt waved his wand and crew talents from Lord of the Rings and Superman Returns appeared and the video was made.

This clip was an ambitious stop motion film, consisting of 17000 digital stills. By 2007, Lenore's Song video was nominated for various awards and was selected as finalist in the 2008 St Kilda Film festival Music video awards. To date Lenore’s Song has achieved well over 130 000 views on Youtube.

2007 saw Yunyu play the Singapore International Arts Festival where she met her manager Lee McIver through AUSTRADE [Australian Trade Commission], Lee attended her performance and decided to sign her to his management company 10 minutes into the show. Under his mentorship, she began undertaking intensive musical development and started to work on writing for an ambitious new album [Twisted Tales] to be released this year [2012].

While performing as featured artist at the Australian Creative Commons convention Marianne De Pierres, an Aurealis award winning science fiction writer, a long time fan of Yunyu’s work proposed to Yunyu that she write a book soundtrack to her gothic trilogy of Night Creatures, starting with her first book Burn Bright. Marianne’s publisher Random House officially commissioned the work and the book soundtrack “Angel Arias” was released to much online support in March 2011. A follow up collaboration resulted in a secret track for the release of the second book, also titled Angel Arias, in September 2011.

In between these commissions and further live performances Yunyu’s second album [Twisted Tales] continued to grow.

Twisted Tales is an ambitious music-manga -animation album/collaboration, which asks the question, “What happens when Fairy Tales come to live in our modern Universe?” New York Times #1 Bestseller Manga Artist Queenie Chan, who is best known for her collaboration with horror author Dean Koontz, along with leading animators the Common ist, and Lucid Edge based in Thailand and Malaysia join in the foray to create manga and animation to bring Twisted Tales to life. The result is an ambitious multi-media music experience to be released episodically kicking off with the single and awesome animation film-clip titled Dorothy – released in February 2012.

Each song in Twisted Tales is a richly woven tale of a single fairy tale character coming to live in the modern times. For instance Yunyu’s Dorothy has been blown away by the Kansas winds again. This time, she is a cosmonaut who finds herself stuck in space as


2012 Album Release: Twisted Tales
Distributed by Madman Entertainment and MGM.

2006 Album Release : Spiked Soul
Self titled EP release

Set List

Sets are typically 45mins to 1.5 hours long