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"Robert Glasper Experiment - "Move Love" ft King (Y U S E F Remix)"

With upright bass, live horn and Jazz rhythms, Y U S E F brings the traditional touch of Jazz to his remix of "Move Love". This Jazz sound is an interesting departure from most of the others which lean more towards a Neo-Soul vibe. I don't know much about the producer since discovering him through this remix but one things for certain, he has skills, appreciation of Jazz and a knack for innovative music. Hopefully in the future he gives more details behind the creation of this remix and his musical process in general. Enjoy the vibes of Jazz from Y U S E F and Robert Glasper Experiment.
- http://cratesofjr.blogspot.com/


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Enter Yusef: A true son of the Queens, NY streets. Raised among the times, sounds and people of Hip Hop’s first golden era. Those New York City roots stick to the essence of his production, even after relocating to the DC area. If Yusef could describe his music, it would be in the form of a love poem to life on those streets, to the people that dwell in similar circumstances, and to the fearlessness of generational icons such as Marvin Gaye, Malcolm X, James Brown, and De La Soul to name a few.

“This is gritty hip hop man; it’s about the cold winters, the hustle, and new beginnings. A raw glimpse of the past, present and future of not only trying to just sustain life, but of the journey through the love of life and God that glues it all together. It’s part desperation that that life might eat you up.” A part of Yusef’s genius is to take that known formula of hip hop and to combine it with elements of the new. Hidden between the beats are essences of jazz, house, drum and bass and the newer sounds that are being created now in the moment. His music is about evolution. The world doesn’t need any more people making the same songs and sounds of today. “I want something fresh each time, I want people to feel something different”, says Yusef.

At the heart of the matter, Yusef’s music is an ode to the listener; to not only follow him on a journey, but to join in. This brings us to the upcoming release of Yusef’s debut album “Jazz & the Joint Forces”. A concept album by nature, JJF aims to combine some of the many forces of jazz music (primarily improvisation) while melding it with his very own flavor of hip hop. Soaking in the heart and soul of featured instrumentalists, Yusef aims to shine his light on some of the roots of jazz music while simultaneously looking forward to the future of hip hop and good music in general.