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Yuval Bilgorai

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band R&B Funk


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Tower Of Power single and EP



At september 2008 I moved from Tel-Aviv to Liverpool and never looked back since. Performing with Flamenco legend Paco Pena and Sense of Sound A'capella group at the Liverpool philarmonic hall, Playing in liverpool sound city festival and in the Wigan Jazz festival, touring in the Living Room venues across country, performing live on BBC radio and recently jam with Barbados reggae artist of the year Buggy Nhakente are a few of the amazing things I've been fourtnate enough to do since I came here.

Right now I play with an 8 piece band including a brass section and a rythm section of the grooviest bastards I've ever met. I use a lot of vocal Improv and grooves to get my message across.

I'm a singer-songwriter who keep struggling between branching out and maintaining focus, I love performing and that feeling I get when there is a connection between the audience and me when the groove locks, when everyone are moving and enjoying themselves. I love creating moving fun good music that makes people move.

My story so far:
Growing up in Israel, the one thing I was really into was acting. Something about standing on stage, performing, always felt right to me. So once I got my chance, I joined a local theatre group with which I toured israel, I was involved in many projects, From A theatrical adptation of the breakfest club to independence day shows. The experiences and friends I made there, were branded into my D.N.A. that time and place still incompasses most defining moments of my life. Acting was like a shot of energy into my life. I was transforemed from a shy soul into an ego maniac and I loved it. I knew I'll be one of Israel's greatest actors.

Acting went great, I was accepted into a highly acclaimed arts high school on the acting course of course of which I graduated with good marks. when I turned 18 (Like everyone else in israel) I had to do national service for 3 years!
Obviously with limited leaves, and most of my time spent far from home, Acting was something I could not maintain. I still did some anchoring and performed when ever I could, But it wasn't the same, I couldnt really be a part of a real production. And so I had to find some another destination to direct for my creative flow.

I bought a guitar. My brother played a bit and I always I thought I could sing so why not? I spent my free time playing with friends, singing and writing songs, I started teaching myself chords and exchange guitar books with other enthusiasts. Singing and playing kept me occupied, sane and helped me make friends easier.

At the time I was stationed in the desert, the days were dead hot and my superior officers were a serious pain. to relax I made it a habit of going out at night with my guitar and find a nice spot under the stars where I could sing and write peacefully.
Having a loud voice singing out in the middle of the night in an army base got me quite a few threats of sleepless soldiers whom sleep I now regularly disturbed.

Luckily enough I managed to compelte my full service unharmed, ;) and after 3 years and 2 months, I was finally free. I was free and thrilled, but quite lost... neglecting Acting had cost me the strong Ambition I once possesed.
With no other prominent career choices I joined a prog rock band Ironically named "Ambition"(the writer and keyboard player of the band- Elay Amir, would later produce my song Tower of Power, and would collaborate with Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater). Although the band fell out, I knew this was something I could do. I started thinking of studying music and being a professorial musician.
I took a short vacation in the U.S did some travelling, bought a new guitar, wrote some new songs, and as soon as i came back to Israel I enrolled into the cont' music and Jazz school Rimon, where I discovered Improvisation and Jazz. (vocal improv is now a key ingredient in everything I do) I was also performing, managing my own acoustic night in Goldman pub in Tel-Aviv and lead singing for a grunge band called sixth sense.

At the end of the year The paul McCartney's fame school- LIPA sent two representitives to conduct auditions in Israel for the first time. when I saw the prospectus I was sold, I told everyone about it. I auditioned and got an unconditional offer.

On september 2008, I landed in manchester airport and made my way to liverpool, I brought 2 guitars and 2 bags. in my mind a constant image of my mother crying at the TLV terminal kept playing against the typical rainy foggy day in mancester. I had to use all of my savings and get help from my parents to make the move. Right now I feel like I'm the best musician I've ever been, I'm enjoying myself and I'm thinking of the future, I want to make music work for me. I want to keep doing what I like, and I hope you like it to.

My influences are: Kurt Elling, Jason Mraz, Chris Brown, Jay-Z, MJ, Stevie Wonder, Raul Midon, Duran Duran, Yes, Genesis, Camel, Janelle Monae and many more.

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