Yuya is another in the great tradition of the visionary Canadian voices from the cold blue northlands, a starry-eyed seer for the 21st century.


Composer and singer of over 30 original songs, he is now collaborating with top Toronto producer and award-winning hit songwriter Michael St. Clair (composer of music for 2004 Top Ten hit “Shady Day”, recorded by jacksoul) and with legendary Canadian rock guitarist (and former David Bowie sideman) Tony "Wild T" Springer.

Growing up near Toronto, Yuya was influenced by everyone from Neil Young to Rush, and from Leonard Cohen to his 3 biggest musical mentors: Dylan, Lennon and Marley.

With his new CD entitled Give U Everything offering an array of post-punk (a la Joe Strummer / The Clash, eg. Out In The Moonlight, written by DOA singer Joey Keithley) and modern rock (such as the Bowie-ish What Went Wrong, What Went Right) tunes that are bristling with energy, the disc is rounded out nicely by the spiritually inspired reggae tracks like Nyabinghi and Ganjah Wise.

Give U Everything by Yuya is a hot new release available by download, and it is a perfect musical party platter for the 21st Century. Download some songs by Yuya today: your soul will thank you for it!!!

Yuya Joseph - Post Punk ala Clash and Big Audio Dynamite with that distinctive vocal, reminiscent of Joe Strummer .... a refreshing addition to your CD collection if you want to have something that is not pablum - this is rockin' reggae for grownups!!!


Songs available for download from Yuya cd Give U Everything:

1. All The King’s Horses
2. What Went Wrong, What Went Right
3. Nyabinghi
4. The Sun Will Rise Again
5. Give U Everything
6. Too True
7. Ganjah Wise
8. Burning Man
9. Out in the Moonlight
10. How Shall We Thank Thee

Artist Statement:

I have a need to feel the joy of singing my own songs and I also get incredible pleasure from playing other tunes that I love. I and I felt so much loneliness and pain as a teenager, it was only the power of music that soothed our ragged souls and gave us community. My major influences are Dylan, Lennon and Marley, but I spent countless hours as a youth listening to Rush, Bowie, the Stones, Beatles, Floyd, Who, Todd Rundgren, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell – hey, I’m Canadian!

When a song is clicking, be it during the writing, rehearsal, recording or performance, THAT feeling is what musicians live for! I love creating songs, writing stories and free flowing lyrics, rapping, chanting, sing lead and backing vox, it’s all good. Even though it often pains my shoulder, I love playing guitar when I’m singing, but performing with a band makes Yuya larger than life … oh what a feeling … Zeus said to Narcissus, watch yourself!

If you had to pigeonhole my music, you may call I a singer-songwriter, but I am offering an array of new downloadable Canadian punk rock songs, Rasta Reggae beats, classic rock tracks and traditional folk tunes, plus original folk-rock music for sale online.

I really like the reality that people all over the world, from cultures I am just learning about, are able to hear and enjoy my music just by downloading song samples, single songs and full albums … I feel the connections with people everywhere …

I live whole-heartedly for the equality of all Humanikind, and my belief is that the Life-energy of democratic dialogue leads to freedom, justice, peace and prosperity. Arts and culture are paramount, and music is the greatest healer, the Unifier, Our Universal language.

The producer of the Yuya cd Give U Everything is Michael St. Clair; he and I both listen to a song with regard to overall production values of course, but what we are really listening for is the VIBE, the BUZZ, and we try to find ways to build on and enhance THAT!


Yuya Joseph Lifeguard

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If you love classic and alt rock, please check: Give U Everything, All The Kings Horses, What Went Wrong / Right

Rather hear something a little spunkier? Try: The Sun Will Rise Again, or Out in the Moonlight

Ya love Reggae Music Idren? Check: Nyabinghi, Ganjah Wise and How Shall We Thank Thee

If you need to Contact Me in a hurry, maybe try me at my day job, Senior Creative at Portfolios.com:

905.307.9990 x 255

If you have time you can also see and hear Yuya, Carole Pope, Lucinda Peters, LIK, Tommee, Seydina, Billy Lofton, Watch 3, 3rd Unit and Sahra on the Hurricane Healing project site at:



Give U Everything cd - 2005
Dream Green ep - 2002

Set List

sets can be varied to suit promoter and audience requirements