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Band Folk Blues


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Aw, Yves; just make something up and I'll say I said it - Jay Paul - CKTP Radio, Fredericton NB


I am still charmed by your songs; I like the fact that you mix up the languages on Not So Far, and that all your songs reflect who you are, where you've been, the people you've met and where you have yet to travel.

This makes you unique and very true to Yves, the singer-songwriter. A real troubadour.

You have a lovely voice too. I am not overly concerned with whether you are a guitar virtuoso or not. When you have your full band in place and record your finished tunes, that will be time enough to judge. For the time being, it's all about the stories you weave - Andrea - Sonic Deli Records


Even though the recordings are a bit raw, this artist has something going on. Even though references in some songs will not be recognized by Americans, he may have another market in mind. And as far as Japanese, well, it may not sell commercially over here but I did like it and have asked to broadcast it along with another song that will fit into our playlist. I'm sure once the artist puts in production and does what he has to do for a cd, it will be a fine product. Vocals are excellent - Bert Gagnon - Neon Productions

"Recieved e-mail"

Dear Yves St-Laurent,
>My name is Megan Hill from Shut Eye Records and Promotion Agency In Atlanta. I was recently searching for good music via the Soncibids website and I came across your music. I listened to your posted songs and was very intrigued by what I heard. We here at Shut Eye would love (and greatly appreciate) receiving a CD and press kit for further review.
>We're not a genre-specific label/promotions agency. We basically like to promote/release anything one would consider appropriate for college radio or alternative commercial radio.
>Our Agency has released and promoted music by over 400 artists including D4, The Fiery Furnaces, Ambulance LTD, Brian Jonestown Massacre, dios, Mary Lou Lord, Kaki King, Norah Jones, Midnight Oil, Matt Pond PA, White Light Motorcade, Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), Young Antiques, Poleposition, and more. In addition, we've released music produced by Peter Buck (REM) and Ed Roland (Collective Soul).
>Thanks in advance,
- Megan Hill - Shuteye records and Promotion Agency


-CD- A Night In Memphis 12 songs; 52 mins
-CD-Bruce Highway Blues Newly recorded 7 song demo
-Radio play: So Far, Faites la paix SVP, Not So Very Far, Economic Slaves.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Biography of Yves St-Laurent
Originally from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Yves St-Laurent started singing in a band at 18, while he was attending the school of horticulture in Saint-Hyacinth, Quebec. His voice brought him immediate recognition among his peers, and his success in music was unanimously predicted by all. The attention made him uncomfortable, however, and he found himself declining contract offers.
Yves left the music business for a whole 10 years from 1990 till 2000. Working for the city of Montreal, first as a horticulturist, then as an arborist after 1998, St-Laurent felt he wasn't getting all the happiness he could out of life. While keeping his job, he was able to become a private aiplane pilot and Emergengy Medical Technician, as well as travel to Australia and Europe to further his knowledge in agriculture and horticulture.
It wasn't untill 2000, following the breakup of a 5-year relationship, that the itch for playing music returned.
''It was after a jam with fellows from work'', he relates, ''It began burning inside of me! I thought it would be like when I was 18 and people would offer me all sorts of things for me to sing for them".
It didn't happen that way, however. At the time, he didn't play guitar, so he sought out serious guitar players to accompany him. He found that players were hard to find and not always reliable. After a gig where the musicians didn't show up, he got angry and picked up a guitar... And never really put it down!
"After 2 months of guitar, I was covering the songs I could.'', he says, '' I avoided the ones that involved playing barrés, and stuck to open chords. The first song I played live was 'For What It's Worth', by the Buffalo Springfield.''
From there, he played wherever he could. The main goal was to make people happy, and also, to be able to say, down the road: 'I tried'.
In 2003, St-Laurent took 6 months off from work. He wanted to see if life on the road was a life he could live. With his guitar, he crossed the US, playing in Philadelphia, Nashville, Memphis, Santa Fe, Flagstaff, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and everywhere in between. He then took the train to Vancouver. From there, he went on to Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapour, Vietnam, Australia, Bali, back to Thailand, then to Amsterdam, New York and to Montreal. He had now been around the World with his guitar and he LOVED the music life on the road!
From his experiences while travelling and playing music, Yves has written over 15 songs. His goal remains to make people happy, and he keeps trying his hardest so he can have no regrets in later life!!