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Yvonne Perea

Amarillo, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1990

Amarillo, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 1990
Solo Americana Pop




"Live Magazine"

I've seen Yvonne Perea perform several times, and each time I'm amazed that this soulful woman, doing what she calls "white girl blues", is a part of the local scene. I've scored big when I can walk into the Coach House, or Hamburger Mary's or the Gem Theater to see her show. While these venues have their own acclaim, I secretly understand the obvious: this singer/songwriter-performer belongs on every national stage in the country. Celebrating her third release My Peace, Perea's uncontainable mountain of groove and soul, comes bursting through her music and lyrics to reflect her respect for love, connection and the reality of human emotion. She has a capacious voice that completely consumes every crack and crevice of any venue she plays. My treasured selections from the new CD are the Tracks, "One Good Reason" and the title track, "My Peace." Yvonne started young, at age 8 she was playing the guitar and writing songs. To this day she continues to go full speed ahead. When you meet Yvonne, you can see this is her passion. She smiles the biggest smile when she's given a compliment about her music. What I love about Yvonne's personality is that she never takes her audience for granted. She does not walk in to a place expecting them to affirm her. She already knows who she is. She takes the stage to give out the music that so easily flows from her soul. Like a kid she has an air of shyness and sweet pleasure when the room goes crazy with a good vibe reaction. It's pretty cool to see. First there's the unexpected surprise of her deep full voice, then there's a repeat surprise when she continues to blow it out consistently song after song. I've always felt that there's not a place big enough to do her talent justice. The bottom line is that it does not really matter where you hear Yvonne. Traveling the country on her self-planned tour or right here in town, the show will be unbelievable. The website says, "White Girl Blues", I think it's great "any girl blues" any time, any place. - Jordan Mercedes

"Live Magazine"

This is one hell of a CD! I only received it a few days ago and it has not been out of my player since. The range of material on here is as breathtaking as the incredible vocal talents of Ms. Perea. Right from the opening of the first track, "Dancing With Angels", the lyrical and musical power grabs you and demands your attention for the next hour or so. Yvonne has, apparently, suffered some knocks in her life, and these provide the material for the strong, emotional pleas and statements contained within the lyrics. When, on "One Good Reason" she sings "Maybe someday I will find a man who will love me as I am", you find yourself knowing exactly what she means. The balls out arrangement of the songs shows the strength of her vocal talents, then, on the next track, "Train" the other, quieter side is shown. The range is truly inspiring and I am looking forward to seeing Yvonne live soon. Pick this one up soon! Rating = O LIVE CD Reviews: O = Orgasmic (as good as it gets), M = Moonlight on the ocean (almost as good as an Orgasm), B = Blinking (It just happens), V = Vomit (Not very good), S = Spice Girls (The only thing worse than vomit) - Martin Brown


Please click on link to read the full article!! - Amarillo Magazine


Please click on the link to read the full article! - Amarillo Magazine

"New Music Critique - Music Connection Magazine"

New Music Critique: Yvonne Perea
New Music Critiques, NMC of the Week, Reviews
April 1, 2019
Music Connection

Production - 9
Lyrics - 8
Music - 8
Vocals - 8
Musicianship - 9

TOTAL: 8.4

Singer-songwriter Yvonne Perea brings a likeable, consistently inspiring vibe on these recordings, where she is skillfully supported by superior players (extraordinary lead guitar licks), not to mention bassist Matt Bissonnette (Elton John, Ringo Starr) who has produced these recordings with an expert touch, keeping Perea’s positive vocal power front and center. “Lucky Me” and “Printing Press” both emit the catchy feel-good energy that this artist brings so naturally. The twangier “Stumbling Steps,” while it’s maybe less infectious, allows Perea to take her voice to different places. She’s clearly an admirable and engaging singer whose crafty songwriting should be of interest to music publishers.

Contact: yvonneperea@yahoo.com
Web: yvonneperea.com
Seeking: Booking, Film
Style: Americana/Folk -

"Musically Speaking"

Yvonne Perea
Lucky Me (indie)
A review
One of the three founding members of the stellar group hONEyhoUSe, guitarist/vocalist Yvonne Perea has contributed a number of songs to its repertoire, but she has needs that hONEyhoUSe just can’t satisfy on a day-to-day basis, rock and roll needs. On Lucky Me, rocking away on her acoustic guitar—she may be one of the best rhythm guitarists in rock and roll America (heads up, Keith)—she gets to satisfy that need in spades. Of course, it helps that her friend Matt Bissonette, who’s been Elton John’s bassist since 2012, not only plays killer bass and keyboards and sings backup on the album but also produced it—big time, with touches of anthemic stadium rock. It’s Texas rock and roll with LA flash. As big as the sound is, the impact of Perea’s lyrics and voice never gets lost. Perea, with her big heart, could be the poster child for compassion, a quality comes through loud and clear on every track, and there’s always a thread of joy and optimism in her vocals. Encouragement (“Catalyst” and “So Alive”), gratitude (“Promise Land”—“falling like the rain in love”), love (“Old Green Eyes,” “Lucky Me,” “Printing Press,” and “I Can’t Move”), educational advice (“Stumbling Steps”), redemption (“Frames”—“someone get a hold of the savior in charge”), and compassion (“Way Down”) are the subjects of Perea’s touching and well-crafted songs. She wrote them all, with help from her hONEyhoUSe bandmates and others on 2 of the 10 tunes. Fans of hONEyhoUSe will recognize four of the songs, which have appeared on the group’s albums. Guest artists John Thomas (electric guitar) and Cary Park (electric, steel, high-string acoustic, 12-string, slide, and baritone guitars; mandolin) tear it up, and drummers Bruce Becker and Jorgen Ingmar share the honors laying down solid grooves. Lucky Me is a tightly produced, spirit-lifting collection of songs that nourish your compassionate faculty while inviting you to get a little crazy. - Mel Minter


Lucky Me

Produced by Matt Bissonette

copyright 2019

Everything Changes

Produced by Matt Bissonette

copyright 2009


Produced by Matt Bissonette

copyright 2006

My Peace

Produced by Matt Bissonette

copyright 2002



With the guidance and friendship of her longtime producer, Matt Bissonette (Elton John), Yvonne is releasing her 4th album, “Lucky Me”. Over the past 15 years, Yvonne Perea has released 3 solo albums as well as 5 albums with her band, hONEyhoUSe.

For the past 8 years, she has been an intricate part of writing, singing, touring and playing guitar for "hONEyhoUSe".  You can read and hear more about them at their website, www.honeyhouse.me.

With a seamless merging of folk, blues, and rock, Yvonne’s music captures her audience through her memorable melodies, relevant lyrics, and soulful earthy vocals. After hearing Yvonne’s music or watching her perform live, you come away with the feeling that you’ve really seen a glimpse of Yvonne’s soul. Yvonne has performed throughout the USA and has opened for Ambrosia, Nickel Creek, Michelle Shocked, Jonatha Brooke, and Melissa Ferrick among others. From intimate House Concerts to large festivals, Yvonne Perea’s music is like an old friend that warms your day, comfortable and embracing.

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