Yvonne Dawes

Yvonne Dawes



Yvonne Dawes has performed in the Bay Area, in hotels and restaurants such as the Danville Political Ceremony, La Furia Chalaca, Cathedral Hill Hotel, Casa Madrona/Mikayla Hotel in Sausalito, as well as a personal appearance on Jazz with Frankye Kelly as a guest singer. She has also performed with the Steve Good Swing Band as a backup singer and the Glide Ensemble Gospel Choir. She also made an appearance in Black Repertorys presentation of The Mahalia Jackson Story. She has also danced and performed with Ruben Apontes Dance Revu, a Latin Salsa dance company. Her latest project took place in the Spring of 2004, where she played the role of a Tango dancer in an independent film entitled Shut Up and Dance, awaiting release. She continues to perform throughout the Bay Area.

Her training comes from Blue Bear American School of Music and continues to receive private coaching lessons. She received her theatrical and commercial training from Hayes and Van Horn and is also a character voiceover actress. As choreographer she has taken on projects for Mareau Catholic High Schools Billy Club Puppet, Black Repertory Theatres The Josephine Baker Story, and My Sister, My Twin. Her training as a dancer with Alice Arts Center as well and East Bay Dance Center has helped as an understudy with Move Dance Company, where she received extensive training in the Modern Jazz dance arena.

As an entrepreneur, her goal is to put into place a program that will aid in the relief of world hunger. Her youth advocacy efforts go towards young people in foster care and correctional facilities utilizing music and dance as a form of therapy and healing.

Set List

Set List, 1-4 hours.
Standards, dance covers.