Yvonne Meek & Whyld Honey

Yvonne Meek & Whyld Honey

 Montrose, Colorado, USA

versatile performing songwriter in the style of sarah mclachlan, tori amos, anna nalick, with a little linda ronstadt and diana krall in the mix, featuring piano-driven originals and covers from country to rock, adult contemporary to jazz


a versatile vocalist influenced by the greats from early jazz and blues to current contemporary rock. jazz covers sound a little like Linda Ronstadt and Diana Krall. channeling the sweetness of Karen Carpenter to the smoky ache of Bonnie Raitt with a little Pat Benetar or Martina McBride for range.


Until Today

Written By: Yvonne Y Meek

On a dark dusty back road, just before the dawn
When nobody’s looking all his tears begin to run
Too many lies, it’s getting hard to keep ‘em straight
Never thought he’d care what she’d think or what she’d say
until today

In a lonely hotel room on the other side of town
She’s been waiting for him to come around
She never questions all the promises he breaks
She doesn’t tell him all the things she longs to say
until today

Until today, she kept the secrets of her past
Until today, he didn’t think this thing would last
Until today, they didn’t want to love again
Both of them said, they were keeping it “just friends”
until today

At the first blush of morning, he held her in his arms
Revealing all the feelings he kept hidden in his heart
AWaiting for this moment, we hope to find a sweet release
Fear has held then, believing love was out of reach
until today

Repeat Chorus

Too late to say it doesn’t matter; too late to say we don’t care
Too late to think nothing’s changed; no nothing really changed
Until today
until today

Troubles Comin'

Written By: Yvonne Y Meek

troubles comin’, baby, i can see it
moving ‘cross the sky
wind is howlin’, honey I can hear it
rain is fallin’ from my eye

troubles comin’, creepin’ in the darkness
hidden by the night
lonely hours, waitin’ for my baby
hope i make to the mornin’ light

baby don’t leave me now
heartaches taken ahold
honey i don’t know how
how to let you go

comin’, tired of all my misery
I’m leaving with the dawn
Tired of waking up without you near me
I’m picking up and moving on

When It All Comes Down

Written By: Yvonne Meek

He doesn’t talk about a reason for his hesitation
He never paints a rosy picture of his love
He doesn’t try to soothe away my reservations
But he keeps hoping I won’t run …

When it all comes down; will he lift me off the ground
When it all comes down; will he hold me through the night
Make it all feel right
When it all comes down

He doesn’t offer me a way out of my situation
He hasn’t made me any promises so far
DHe doesn’t tell me how to fix all of the complications
He says he’ll catch my falling heart

When the sunlight rises on a new day
and my memories leave me overwhelmed
As I’m packing my belongings for the highway,
I hope my heaven soon becomes his hell


original CD 2009 ... "Mosiac"

"We Could Have Run Together" (duet with David Starr), 2008

Set List

Singer/Songwriter - Piano-driven Originals mixed with Adult Contemporary/Country/Jazz/Blues/Rock Covers

Band - 70's to current Classic Rock; Black Velvet, Game of Love, Give Me One Reason, Heart of the Matter, I Thank You, One, People Get Ready, Rhiannon, Something to Talk About, Angel (Sarah McLachlan), I Can’t Make You Love Me (Raitt), Love Me Like a Man (Raitt), Moondance, Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough (Smyth/Henley) and Ain’t No Sunshine, Angel from Montgomery

Jazz Combo - Standards/Ballads/Blues/R&B Covers; Skylark, (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, God Bless The Child, Misty, Lover Man, Over the Rainbow, Summertime, Don't Get Around Much Anymore, Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me, Ain't Misbehavin', Paper Moon, Cry Me A River, Taking A Chance on Love, and many more

First set: 60 minutes
Second set: 50-60 minutes
Third set (if necessary): 50-60 minutes