Pataskala, Ohio, USA

Progressive Rock brains and arrangement, pulsing, danceable electronic beats, and high energy bass and guitars. What's not to like? It's a lush gathering of styles and textures. It's ear candy with substance.


YVTV is the brainchild of singer/guitarist/beatsmith Aeryn Musick and bassist/digital artist Ian Crowell. Running the gamut from 70's prog-rock, through new wave, jazz, breakbeat, drum n bass, and techno, YVTV is a unique beast that is hard to totally define. The most common element is uniqueness. Each song is allowed its own universe to live inside of, and is not shaped or influenced from the outside. One track might be a meandering dub number, while another can be a sweet love song, and a third a hard-rocking drum n bass barnburner.
Influences include: Yes, Tool, EP3, Frankie Bones, DJ Spooky, Dieselboy, Frank Zappa, John Coltrane, the Cure, Mindless Self Indulgence, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Massive Attack, the Sword, Baroness, Opeth, Bassnectar, Aphex Twin, Papadosio, Flow Trio.


Swirling Impressions

Written By: Aeryn Musick

Swirling Impressions and
Brand-new expressions,
The new gods of semantics play,
Empowering escapades and
Debased and clever and
Cloaked in the nether we'll
Shirk the weather and just
Stay here together.

Such stale tendencies,
Departing on the breeze,
Songs in forgotten keys,
Frosting the words you breathe.
Steeped in the presence and
Knee-deep in the essence, we're
Lady of the Restless, and the
King of Excesses.


Written By: Aeryn Musick

If I look too sharp to sing off key
And if the oceans rise to swallow me,
Then I shall know where I have gone at least,
To walk her lands and sacred reefs.
And if I scream too hard and scorch the land
And leave a plain of glass across the sand,
I shall know the power of my hand
And I can still leave footprints where I stand.

If I'm cut and crushed by fallen sky
That leaves a hole in the Earth a mile wide,
Then to the waters shall my blood return
Where I shall know all that there is to learn.
Now have you seen three things from the inside?
And is your projection your source of pride?
Can you know the future from the tides
Or are you locked within the present time?

Transform- too young to seek the truth.
The impertinence of youth.
Stare deep into the inky sky
Three times three to multiply.
Transform- forsake your sacred duty sworn.
Drink of the wisdom of all forms.
You can't escape the furious scorn
To be eaten and then reborn.


2008- Abandon Trance! self-released full length album
2010- Tryptych- self-released free/demo EP. Distributed at Rootwire 2010