YV-Young Visionaries

YV-Young Visionaries

BandHip Hop

Visionary and Creative. We have that spark that others don't. We all have a different mind unlike other groups who think the same thing is "cool."


Strictly Hip-Hop/Rap. Nothing less. 110% in all our music. Our life and stories are on all of our songs. Tango, youngest in the group, that raps. 'Ondre/VooDoo Child, the leader is the second oldest and Tango's cousin. Replay the oldest in the group is the guitarist. Born in Detroit we are visionaries. Aka kids with a dream and doing everything possible to reach it. All are young but we all have different goals. We all have different types of music. You may here Dre rap, and Replay play Jimmy Hendrix. You may see Replay Dance and Tango Crit walk. We are just a bunch of kids in teenager bodies.


'Ondre's Demo dropped sometime in January of 2012. After the drop of it, the sky was the limit. After trying to assemble his mixtape he came across a few singles which he put out, "Knew Me Before" and "The Girls, The Weed". Next project is Tango's Demo, "LIFE". Also a compilation of the group together, called, "Late Nights" which was inspired by a photo of Tango's clock that read: 12:23 A.M. Now going into the Summer of 2012 the group is focused on putting out Tango's demo and the compilation of the whole group.

Set List

-Knew Me Before feat. Pierrello
-The Girls, The Weed
-Wonder Why feat. Tango
-Feelin' It
-What it Is
-Fly Away
-Say It Again