very new style hip hop by youtube not by 80's turntable


Yximalloo is a one-man mysterious phenomenon. He has maintained obscurity, even though he has been making and recording music since the 1970's and his champions include artists as diverse as Jad Fair (Half Japanese), Momus, and members of Animal Collective.
This is Yximalloo's first recording in 9 years, and it is his first to include his one-man-band sound of guitar, laptop and vocals. It builds on his primitive trance-like rhythms mixed with offbeat pop sensibilities by way of crude electronic sampling. A true masterpiece, a modern-day Moondog off the streets of present-day Tokyo, London, NYC, and wherever you happen to be.



The worst of 1981
The worst of 1982
The worst of 1984
The worst of 1986
Kitsch shaman
Techno temple choir

Jad Fair and naofumi Ishimaru-Half Robot-1990
Jad Fair and Naofumi Ishimaru-Half Alien-1995
Jad Fair and Naofumi Ishimaru-Half Monster-2007

unpop-esp disk

Set List

1 microphone and
1 microphone stand
2 same speakers