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Z1 Nation Bio

“I got so many styles you can't put me in a category or a box. I like it that way. I hate boxes. Boxes are like prisons, shackles and chains. I’m free.”

The Chameleon, the Transformer, the Switch, the Nation. Within one man coming from Pittsburgh, PA, there are a gang of styles that creates the force of a nation hence his dominate name Z1 Nation. Only he can begin and end his legacy. That's why his name is Z1; ‘Z’ being the end of the alphabet and ‘1’ being the beginning of the number line. The Alpha and the Omega.

Z1 is a member of the hip hop force The WuLords but he has been rocking long before this great empire unfolded. Z1 was in the world of hip hop ever since he was born. He listened to Hip Hop greats such as Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, Oxyx, Jay Z, DMX, Nas, The Roots, De La Soul just to name a few. Subconsciously, Z1 was in training soaking up all of the sweet sounds of the 90’s Hip Hop genre. The first time he was in the booth, he was his four with his biggest mentor, his father. Z1 gave rapping a shot. Even though he was spitting in nothing but jibberish and broken sentences, Z1 had a good concept of flow due to his subconscious study of the greats but if nobody understood what he was saying, nobody is going to listen. His father took Z1 and taught him the art of writing and showed him the formula of verses and hooks. Here Z1 Nation was officially born.
Zeke Brictop
By age 7, Z1’s first style was created. Zeke Brictop, a malicious character with high energy and edgy hard punching lyrics. His style drew his first audience in, the streets. He would perform at YMCAs, rec centers and playgrounds just to get his feet wet in the performing circuits. He got a nice buzz and even got an article in the City Paper. As Z1 grew and other styles started to evolve, Zeke became solidified as the battle rapper with the most violent and relentless out of all the styles in Z1 Nation. His flow is very aggressive and skilled with disastrous themed bars that is sure to put any opponent in the dirt. Z1 would usually reveal Zeke on simple, dark hard hitting beats and Hip Hop cyphers.

Poetry the Hip Hop Casanova
By Z1’s teenage years, Z1 started to recognize and became very fond of women and their beauty. He had a couple crushes in high school but didn’t know how to reveal how he felt. He felt so strong about one girl; he found himself writing a song over a smooth futuristic R&B instrumental and created what he would say “The birth of Poetry”. The day after he wrote it he performed it for her in front of a packed crowd in Pittsburgh, PA. The crowd loved it and came to an uproar however later that night Z1 was turned down by his initial target. But even though that song didn’t get him the girl he wanted. He noticed a gang of other women loving it. This motivated him to continue to work and enhance on this style. Poetry became the smooth talking ladies man. With his talents of singing and poetic song writing, Poetry became the heart of Z1. Poetry became big in clubs and dance parties especially with his smash hit “Bodyrock’er”. Like it was said before “Poetry is the heart of Z1.” And Z1 Nation is known to put his heart and soul and everything he does. So anytime you hear Z1 singing, its Poetry throwing his two cents in.

Black Supe (Black Superman)

Throughout Z1’s years of living on the earth, he has gained wisdom and experience along his journey. The experiences and wisdom is represented by Black Supe. Black Superman is the head of Z1 Nation. Bars like “Rockin’ my Adidas, sitting on the bleachers talking mathematics with the scientific creatures.” Helps explain who Black Supe is. He’s the truth seeker. When you pop in a WuLords album and listen to songs like “Superman Style”, “Praying Mantis Kundalini”, “Holy Ghost”, and “Foster Child” you are getting a peek into the mind of Black Supe. This style is for people who look for knowledge or complex bars. Black Superman usually blends in with another style and drops jewels in one to four bars within a 16 bar verse. He brings the balance to Z1 Nation and plays as an opposite to the more ruthless style of Zeke Brictop.

Mr. Yoshimitsu
“Coming through the scene looking clean with a fresh cut, girl looking mean in them jeans with a fat butt…” Whenever you hear a flashy rhyme scheme like this with content in this nature, you are listening to the wild party animal Mr. Yoshimitsu. What you see is what you get with Yoshi; He’s the most straight-forward. He’s more show of skill then substance and the opposite of Poetry the Casanova. Where Poetry is more poetic and shows respect to women, Yoshi is more explicit and wild. Poetry was to make love to his girl , Yoshi doesn’t have a girl and wants to have a threesome. Poetry speaks on relationships and the beginning of new love, Yoshi speaks on being single and hitting anything that moves. So basically, Yoshi is a lyrical Project X.

Cadillac Jones
C. Jones is the soulful man. Z1 always loved