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- "I am in you!" (2005-2006)
- "Anything you want!" (2007-2008)

- "In the same breath" (2011)


# Antipopsa'3 (2007)
# NePopsa vol. 20 (2008)
# Antipopsa'4 (2008)
# NePopsa Vol.0 (2008)
# NePopsa Vol.21
# Okkupatsiya'15 Punk (2008)
# Open punk'2 (2009)
# Open punk'3 (2009)
# ANARHY IN THE RF '2 (2008)
# ANARHY IN THE RF "in GR.oB.u" (2008)
# ANARHY IN THE '5 RF (2009)
# PunkZone '15 (2008)
# Just a punk-rock (2009)
# Punk Word (2009)
# PuNk FaCtOrY'6 (2009)
# PuNk FaCtOrY'9 (2009)
# PUNK and NOT EBetT'3 (2009)
# PuNk FaCtOrY'10 (2009)
# Open punk'3 (2009)
# Top Profanity (2009)
# Naiznanku'3 Punk (2010)
# Naiznanku'5 Punk (2010)
# ANTIPOPSa-6 (2010)
# Anarchy in the Russian Federation - a selection PrevPart (2010)
# Punk Rock Christmas Tree - VA New Year (2011)


KZ is in rotation:

not FMradio

At one stage the stage with groups:

Bricks, snowstorm, Laugh, Port812, Plush fish,
Tiny Dancers (England), kambodge, The King and the Clown,
Collection Days, Origami, Cockroaches
Drugly Cats, Montreal (Germany), Moret & Relsy,
Black coffee, Siskin & Co, Fantasy,
Mongol Shuudan, Perfume Shops, Aria,
blonde JFCs, Melody fall (Italy).



(11 November 2001) during the tumultuous drinking bougie Vital and Andrei Anisimov decided to create bokalno-instrumental ensemble (with a musical foundation of punk rock). It is noteworthy that at the beginning of the base there was NOTHING, and no one (2 idiots) do not even know how to play the balalaika! The next day (November 12) in the group was already 7 people: Anisimov. A. - vocals; bougie. B. - vocals; Kharchenko Denis guitar; Katishev Vlad - drums; Bushman Igor - guitar, Ned Vovk - Bass Vlasova Natasha - vocals. It should be noted that the musicians are not being picked up by the ability to play the instruments, and the amount of alcohol brought with him to the rehearsal. The band was called "LABOTAMIYA." The first performance took place at the "Orbit" May 1, 2002. The next day (May 2) in the remaining 4 people: and a new name, "Short Zamykanie." The next "gig" was held there, in part: Andrei - vocals; Vital - bass, backing - vocals; Disya - guitar, Vlad - drums. In autumn of the same year, "K. Z.
"To conquer D. KS them. My mothers - SIB. Where LA Golitsyn produced young band on stage (seyshn "Let'S Go!"). The next performance was at a party, "The space R", where children painted their already scary faces. And gone - gone ... Guys evolved, were found and the 2nd guitarist - Anatsky Sergei (who played before in other groups Magnitogorsk). After the speeches Freaky "K. Z. "At the festival MAGSTOK - 2003 group immediately offered to host a solo concert. It was held September 11, 2003. Nov. 29 left the band drummer Vlad, but on December 2 at "K. Z. "Flew into a new pepper - Anton Bolshakov (Vova). After the first qualifying round of the festival ART - 2004 PLATFORM coded guitarist Serge (and left in an unknown direction.) As a drummer, he quickly found a replacement - Alipkin Eugene. Along with this mug "K. Z. "Played on ART - THE PLATFORM. "ART - PLATFORM" - All-Russian outdoor festival, therefore, come to him with all the musicians of our vast country. And those were Ufa pop - punk, the group "Pregnant bus". "K. Z. "And" APC "immediately became friends and got drunk. Now they correspond to each other and waiting for a visit! Summer of 2004 had a video for the song "Slacker," which became an absolute hit in Magnitogorsk and nearby villages. In February of 2005 "K. Z. "Dumped Eugene. And KZ came to play in the fourth. May 9, 2005 in Ufa played at the fest 9 shaft, together with a group of Pregnant tram, and received a diploma "For the high level of performance in the category of Master Class." After the festival ¬ęK. Z. "And" APC "went to celebrate this thing. May 27, 2005 - The first album entitled "I am in you."