zaba grace

zaba grace

 Greenville, South Carolina, USA

With crunchy elements similar to Alanis Morrissette, bad-girl, rebellious genius like Ani Difranco and "deal with this" attitude often associated with Avril Lavigne, Zaba Grace wraps up a chunky, bristling mix of pop, rock and unapologetic, in-your-face pleasure. -CD Baby


"Be who you say you are/let your actions speak for you/not your mouth/no not your mouth.’ cause I believe your actions before your words..." Sorry, Charlie from My Own Skin.
Don't let the package fool you. Despite the waif-like appearance, Zaba Grace is not a Disney band-in-a-box replica spewing lyrical teen angst. The music is real, and sometimes raw, and rather than plucking a few heart strings, it rips the organ out whole.
At times an adult lamentation and others a discarnate reverie, the debut album, My Own Skin, runs the gamut of human emotion. From the plaintive cries of hold me, hold me, hold me/let me cry, let me be how I need to be in "How I Feel" to the in-your-face indignation of "God" to the hopeful strains of "Free," My Own Skin delivers a musical tapestry of what it means to be mortal, and resonates across genre boundaries.

-Mary Sparks Gray



Written By: Zaba Grace, Shannon Mier

there are angels on this earth
who come at all the right times
there are angels on this earth
who come at all the right times
verse 1
you say the sweetest things all the time
you say how smart you think I am
you see so much in me that I don’t see
you are the voice of hope that I am something
verse 2
your love washes over me
your words open my soul from pain
you see so much in me that I can’t see
you are the voice of hope that I am something
you bring good news
that hands are untied to this wonderful feeling
and you show me I have nothing to hide
I can reach for the sky

Sorry Charlie

Written By: Zaba Grace, Shannon Mier

sorry charlie
verse 1
come here honey
let me slap an easy solution on your pain
the past is over
you should be a saint and forgive all the evil men
who killed your childhood
you have no right to feel anger or resentment
because it makes me uncomfortable
sorry charlie
this is not your day and I am not your honey
I am a grown woman even if I was a child
I have feelings and I damn well will express them
sorry charlie sorry
verse 2
leave the bible beaters
hell I used to be one
what a fool I was
I now know all the issues people have with church
and why they hate it and refuse to go
if evil is everywhere disguised as goodness behind a cross
who the hell needs hell we are already there
be who you say you are
let your actions speak for you
not your mouth
no not your mouth
‘cause I believe your actions before your words


My own skin, 2006

Set List

Sorry Charlie
How I Feel
Broken Heart
My Own Skin
You don't know who I am
+ 2 cover songs (Matchbox 20, Avril Lavigne, for example)