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Greenville, South Carolina, United States

Greenville, South Carolina, United States
Band Pop Rock


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""My Own Skin" 1st review"

With crunchy elements similar to Alanis Morrissette, bad-girl rebellious genius like Ani Difranco, and "deal with this" attitude often associated with Avril Lavigne, Zaba Grace wraps up a chunky, bristling mix of pop, rock and unapologetic, in-your-face pleasure. Sonic, soaring, loud and bold, her music encompasses whatever seems to make a song fly, with no reservations or inhibitions. Those looking for gutsy chick rock will find plenty to appreciate in, "My Own Skin." - CD Baby

""My Own Skin" album of the month Jan. 2007"

This debut release from Zaba Grace can best be described as thoughtful pop with a dark edge. It also benefits greatly from having an energetic freshness that helps it stand from the crowd. Zaba moves effortlessly from 'in-your-face' rock, to songs with subtle shifts in tempo and mood, all built on a solid foundation of some excellent and often thought provoking lyrics.
The opening track "God" is one of the highlights and, on the surface at least, is a straight forward rock song except it hits you with surprisingly philosophical lyrics when you're least expecting them. Indeed "Sorry Charlie", although more pop-oriented, is of a similar ilk with darker lyrics than you first suspect - "Let me slap an easy solution on your pain, the past is over; you should be a saint and forgive all the evil men, who killed your childhood".
With "Insecure" we venture towards the territory of jangling guitars, at times sounding a touch like early Pretenders (not that that is a bad thing), and "Love" is another real standout that has a great pop sounding feel to it. It is "Voices" however that is the real highlight with its emotion laden lyrics and rhythmic changes of pace that elevate it above what you'd normally expect from a pop song.
This is certainly a CD that you'll want to keep revisiting and she deserves credit for eschewing the superficial and instead going for music from her heart and the depths of her soul - not for her the easy option of a chorus full of 'la-la-la's' when she has something to say.
Zaba, who co-writes all the songs, and producer Chris Kress have done an excellent job in putting together an album of songs that are catchy enough to grab your attention, yet challenging enough to hold it.
- Blues Bunny


My own skin, 2006



"Be who you say you are/let your actions speak for you/not your mouth/no not your mouth.’ cause I believe your actions before your words..." Sorry, Charlie from My Own Skin.
Don't let the package fool you. Despite the waif-like appearance, Zaba Grace is not a Disney band-in-a-box replica spewing lyrical teen angst. The music is real, and sometimes raw, and rather than plucking a few heart strings, it rips the organ out whole.
At times an adult lamentation and others a discarnate reverie, the debut album, My Own Skin, runs the gamut of human emotion. From the plaintive cries of hold me, hold me, hold me/let me cry, let me be how I need to be in "How I Feel" to the in-your-face indignation of "God" to the hopeful strains of "Free," My Own Skin delivers a musical tapestry of what it means to be mortal, and resonates across genre boundaries.

-Mary Sparks Gray