Zac Barnett

Zac Barnett


Accessible, danceable, up-beat, sensitive, indie-rock with a pop edge accurately sums up the music of Zac Barnett. Styles range anywhere from Buddy Holly to The White Stripes even adding a little touch of musical theatre into the mix.


As far as music goes, Zac Barnett has been singing, writing, and playing the guitar for the past 8 years or so. Playing with numerous different bands, Zac always seems to find himself back playing acoustic shows all by his lonesome. Some people know Zac as the front man for the indie/pop rock group The Primaries, but others know him as the guy who wears a red leather coat or even Danny Zuko from a high school production of Grease. After playing plenty of shows in his home state of Minnesota and other Midwest locations, Zac is ready to get his rock on in his new home of Boston, MA. "I know it will be a challenge starting fresh in a new city, but hey, that's what friends are for!" Zac claims. From performing at The Depot Coffee House, The Quest Club, The Fine Line, First Ave., The Garage, and even acting as the house musician at the Minnetonka Old Chicago (he also serves there), Mr. Barnett can cover any ground and perform to any crowd. His music is best described as an eclectic mix of genres and gives a fun and exciting yet deep and passionate vibe that most any one will be able to relate to. With a brand new city and a brand new CD Zac is ready to charge full force and take over the world! With a versatile set and fun music that most people can relate to Zac’s love for performance guarantees his audience a good time.


The Primaries, It's About Relationships EP, 2004

Kissing Electric, Sexy EP, 2005

Zac Barnett, Self Titled EP, 2005

The Primaries, Not Tonight LP, 2006

Zac Barnett, Meet Me At Midnight LP, 2007

Set List

Set list can range anywhere from a 6 song, 20 minute set to 3 hours worth of material. There are more than 50 originals in the repetoire and covers by classic artists such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and Ritchie Valens, and covering modern groups like Nightmare of You, Incubus, and Jason Mraz.