Zac Charles

Zac Charles

 Bend, Oregon, USA

An online sensation, Zac’s clear voice, exuberant songwriting, and strong work ethic make him a rare and refreshing addition to the country music community. It’s just a matter of time before the rest of the world discovers what his YouTube subscribers and Oregon-based fans already know.


Zac Charles is a singer/songwriter whose music has depth well beyond his years, is capturing audiences in the pop and country scenes. Zac has been working closely with producer and guitarist Brian Cash on a new album. Zac wrote or cowrote all eight of the songs. Recently, Zac played a very special show when performed the newly-penned "A Promise And Forever" to his new bride during their wedding.


How I Like It To Be

Written By: Zac Charles

I love it when the sun shines, through your hair
It looks so beautiful to me.

On a drive, on a walk. honey, I don't care
'Cause I'll go anywhere with you.

An I love it when the snow falls, on your face
It looks so perfect to me.

There in that moment when time stands still
and we're right where we should be

That's where I go, that's what I do.
When life has found me in a place I never wanted to be baby

The memories of you and me, everytime I close my eyes
there you are, right by my side.
That's how I like it to be.

I hate it when we fight like this.
It's not who we're made to be.

When we take a moment and reflect,
and we get back to you and me.

Live, Laugh, and Love

Written By: Zac Charles

Every morning he wakes up, and runs to his car,
Fixes his tie and checks the mirrors,
Speeding away to that corporate world,
His mind is here but his heart lies there,
Where the memories are,
On that old tangled farm

Where he learned about life,
spent those summer nights with the fireflies
Where he heard his first song though the Willow Tree,
and couldn't help but sing along
Oh, that's where, He learned to live, laugh and love

He glances up at the clock it's time to go
Walks to that old shop down the street
Well here goes there cause it reminds him of home,
sees a boy with icecream on his face
And he tries not to laugh
but it's those little things that take him back

and now his bags are packed
he's finally going home, he's finally going back.


Ask Me To Stay

Written By: Zac Charles

Well I’ve got the car packed…right now I can’t say if I’ll ever be back
'Cuz it’s been way too long…since our love was stronger than this
And I hate when we’re this way…but she ain’t askin’ me to stay

She ain’t askin’ me to stay…so I’m leavin’
I don’t want it to be this way…but the more I talk, the less she listens
I don’t wanna walk away…but she ain’t askin’ to stay

Well I remember that day…when your daddy gave his girl away,
And we promised our lives…knowing we would always hold on tight
And I want that back today…but you’re not asking me to stay

Your not askin’ me to stay…so I’m leavin’
I don’t want it to be this way…we've tried to talk, but there's no reasoning
I don’t wanna walk away…but your not askin’ me to stay
…so I’m leavin’

I don’t want to be this way…if we can talk, I swear I'll listen
I don’t wanna walk away…
I can’t walk away… …ask me to stay
…ask me to stay


Zac has pre-released two singles from the forthcoming CD "How I Like It To Be". The title track, and "Live, Laugh, and Love" have both been received well from his internet-based, hometown fans, and those that have seen him perform live.

Check out Zac on video on his YouTube channel:

Click this link and hear Zac play a set of originals and covers.

Set List

Zac plays between 12 and 15 originals along with a consistent selection of new country favorites made famous by Blake Shelton, Darius Rucker, Bucky Covington, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Toby Keith, Dierks Bentley, and Steve Holy.

Zac has 45 minute sets of originals or covers, a 90 minute set of originals or covers, and a 240 minute set containing originals and some covers. Any set may be performed solo, as a duo, or as a four-piece.

Zac and band may also optionally include up to 15 contemporary christian tunes from the likes of Third Day, Jeremy Camp, Chris Tomlin, Lincoln Brewster.

Zac and band may also provide a full wedding package including playing Zac's popular "A Promise and Forever" for the couple. 75 songs in a Country-oriented dance set for the reception included.