Zach Caruso

Zach Caruso

 New Mexico, USA

Zach Caruso is a blues-rock singer/songwriter/guitarist. Described as "combining the smoothness of John Mayer, the soulfulness of Jonny Lang, and the storytelling of Bob Seger," Zach's stellar songwriting, soulful vocals, and impressive guitar playing has garnered outstanding reviews from fans and critics alike.


With more than 13 years of experience and four independently released albums of original music, Zach has opened for national and Grammy-nominated acts at some of the east coast’s top venues including World Café Live, The Trocadero Theatre, and Hard Rock Café in Philadelphia, The Stone Pony in New Jersey, Webster Hall in New York, and The Grand Opera House in Delaware. In addition, he has had his music featured on radio stations such as 93.3 WMMR and Gashouse Radio in Philadelphia, Butterflies Radio in Hollywood, Florida, and has performed live on Ocean 98.1 FM in Ocean City, Maryland. In an industry that is becoming overrun with automated instrumentation, nonsensical brainless lyrics penned by teams of writers, and auto-tuned vocal performances, Zach boasts one promise – what you hear is what you get. He has garnered outstanding reviews from fans and critics alike for his poetic and thought-provoking lyrics, deft guitar playing, catchy and melodic songwriting, and soulful vocals. In addition to his musical endeavors, Zach has a bachelor's degree in journalism and a master's degree in writing.


Nobody Knows My Name

Written By: Zach Caruso

I stare at 2nd Avenue, a coward waiting to cease
Feeling for cigarettes, settling for black coffee
I’ll die quickly, leaving the world the way it had been
Remind myself that I’m no one, over and over again

Play “Bright Lights” all alone
Play on to that empty road
These hotel lights burn slow
And I’m burning out just the same
And nobody knows my name

I stare at 5th Avenue singing “I Knew You Before”
No heels on the pavement, no percussion of the slamming car doors
I walk the line that divides the lions and lambs
My heart’s on the concrete, still you have no idea who I am

I stare at the words of poets that I’ll never be
7 AM smells like book pages and caffeine
All I know is I am a hostage of love
A hand-tamed tiger never knowing how heavy his life was

One Of These Days

Written By: Zach Caruso

I was a fool to think that people change
Promises all sink like stones in a lake
But I hung on your every word and whittled away
Everything ‘til I’m a skeleton just making a wage

I’m so tired of holding my tongue
I’m dying here, I should just duck and run
This should have been dead by my hands, but it’s become
Clear that I’m terrified just holding the gun

I’ve been no one so many times, I’m not afraid
Pardon my gun, but I’ll shoot you down one of these days

I pay the fare of my attention to what’s wrong with me
You shimmer like you’re seen through fumes of gasoline
Wax light hurrying away from what will be
Five second increments of apprehensive speak

We’ve made routine of trading broken bones
Hiding inside of boxes made of glass then casting stones
I’ve got a head full of thought crimes but I just won’t atone
So I’ll learn to seem to mean the words “There’s no place like home”

Might Be The Rain

Written By: Zach Caruso

She has dark brown eyes that tell no lies
But hide all her secrets behind them
She walks like a model, drinks wine by the bottle
Glows even when the sun isn’t shining
I lay beside her and listen
Her heartbeat’s getting faint
She says, “I might be dying
Or it might be the rain.”

She remembers like an elephant the way it came and went
My mind never gets a break from her
She dresses like retro, drinks coffee not espresso
Swears she was born to be a drummer
Her emotion sprawled with color
Like a canvas spattered with paint
She smiles like a pistol
Moves slow when she’s taking aim

When I dress like a gentleman, and she like Marilyn
The city streets slow to hold us
And when the world falls ill, her heart stands still
So loud that you can’t help notice
In coldness of the winter
The darkness splits with pain
She says “I might be crying
Or it might be the rain.”

Rusted Cage

Written By: Zach Caruso

I am wondering now why you ever let me share your bed
I am wondering now why there were things that you never said
I am figuring out you don’t need to love what occupies your time
As long as when the sun goes down you’re not alone through the still of the night
But it’s not that easy just to turn your back and leave
But that’s what you did trying to prove something to me

I’ve grown leaps and bounds since the days when I was little more than your escape
All thanks to faith in change and malleable bars on a rusted cage
I was a little too naïve thinking it was due time that I be saved
Like I was owed happiness eager not to die by expiration date
But I can’t help thinking that you knew that I was weak
And you preyed on me while I prayed at your feet

Don’t know the point of the dream
Maybe I was only born to be your stepping stone
Resigned my bones to the ravine
Made me far less afraid to leap on faith alone

There’s a couple hundred miles in between what I am and what I feel
I wrote you letters now that I know you never read because they’re all still sealed
Might have been a waste of ink, or worse, maybe it was a waste of love
Because hope doesn’t float, it sinks if you don’t give an inch when push comes to shove
All I ever wanted was to know what I was worth
I like to think I’m what you wanted, but you just couldn’t find the words

I’ve got a list of doubts about damn near everything that I believe
But I’ve got no place to go, and it seems that I’m fresh out of tricks up my sleeve
I have one photo left that I try to keep out of the light of the sun
If it’s all I have of you ‘til death, I suppose one smile is better than none
Every day’s a struggle not to dwell on what you said
Oh yes, every day’s a struggle not to get lost in my head

I Am David

Written By: Zach Caruso

I turned over a new leaf today
In some fool-hearty attempt at making a change
I turned 24 years old today
But I swear 17 felt the same

I am standing in a prison made
Of debt, and no momentum to propel me ahead
I kneel at altars like a lying sage
That seeks his advice from dead friends

I am David
Life's Goliath
Sling-shot one rock into the head of the giant
Sip on hatred
Rage and riot
Crash and burn into a pyre of defiance

I am wearing thin the leather soles
Of the only pair of dress shoes I've come to own
A Windsor knot, a couple tie-tack holes
A plastic smile, and a worry stone

I am bound for now to fold my hands
And let a smile be the only time I show my teeth
Gone are my days as a freer man
In the way of word, thought, and deed

I am sick of starving all the time
While charlatans are feasting with their elbows to kings
I'd kill for water, die for bread and wine
Undeserving of the finer things

But I’ve decided I’ll go toe-to-toe
With monsters towering so high they hide the sun from my face
I’ll end up either a hero or ghost
Either way, you’ll remember my name

Shades Of Blue

Written By: Zach Caruso

Have faith, blind faith
If tomorrow never came
Would you be happy living this way?

The landscape of heartache
Is too complex to paint
With only shades of blue, it don't work that way

Don't look down when the floor falls through
Don't make a sound, the descent's not the truth
It'll turn around, things always do
Sometimes the fire of love burns shades of blue

Too young for black lungs
Too many nights in love
Lips on a cigarette, words on your tongue

Low tides can give rise
To doubt, but know what divides
Between a change of heart, and changing your mind


Written By: Zach Caruso

I hope the sun shines
Every day upon your face
I hope the mountains
Rock you to sleep in their embrace
I hope you love
With a heart unfettered from blue
And I’m gladly your fool

I will remember
Your form against the bed
I won’t listen
To the ones that say “forget”
I keep thinking
That I know much better than them
Cuz we can’t die just yet

Won’t you soothe my soul?
Cuz I feel so alone
Know I’ll be alright
Dreaming of Cali tonight

I could vanish
Take a plane to where you are
The bluest oceans
And a clear blanket of stars
I could love you
By the city lights that surround
When the sun goes down

I’m addicted
To the drug that you became
I put the needle
In the flower over your name
If I could stay high
Be young and out of my mind
But have you by my side

Will you love me
When the night is staring down?
Will you remember
Under the neon lights of your town?
I keep dreaming
Of holding you in my arms
But when I wake up you’re gone

Jesus Walks

Written By: Zach Caruso

I had a talk with Jesus just the other day
He said “This world is something even I can’t save
The love is gone, we send our brothers to the grave
Then turn our backs and walk away.”

I saw the Virgin Mary on Cottman Avenue
Turning tricks because her faith is all gone too
I saw the Virgin Mary get beat to black and blue
By a man with a crucifix tattoo

See the world through the eyes of a sinner
If I burn in hell, then the fault is mine
Swept away like rain on a river
Jesus walks tonight

I had a talk with the devil just the other day
He said “Fire walk with me, because we’re going down in flames
The world’s a loss, let’s burn them at the stake.”
The devil’s right, we can’t be saved

I met a preacher at my front door yesterday
He said to follow him and my soul might be safe
But his bigotry is woven in the fibers of his faith
So he spreads intolerance and hate

And it’s a shame how we know ourselves we’re going down
A shame how that’s the road we’re going down now


Written By: Zach Caruso

She said “You’re wrong
No need to keep talking on.”
I’m always in the red no matter what I do

I’ve come to find
That honesty is a waste of time
Because she don’t want to hear me, but hey, what else is new?

So where’s the voice of reason when I need some clarity?
Home-grown dependency
Feelings change with seasons, it’s like fighting gravity
Then it’s all gone eventually

White Rabbit

Written By: Zach Caruso

An innocent child may never know
Why answers come on prescription notes
“I’ve lost control, doctor. Diagnose,
And let’s up the dose.”

Be sure to explain the way that drugs kill
And they can say no if they have the will
But now you need to focus, you know the drill
Start popping pills

When you keep them high to keep them quiet
You turn them into junkies with a habit
You want to be like Alice, living in a Wonderland?
Never take your eyes off the white rabbit

A priest once told me “Join and be saved
God forgives, so live the righteous way.
But faggots aren’t welcome at Heaven’s gates.
Who needs them, anyway?”

But the peasants believe what the holy say
When they keep them doped with religion and faith
But a collar don’t make a man a saint
What a fucking waste.

Take your prayers every two hours until the bottle’s bare
Feeling sick? Turn on the TV, see a cure for it
Doctor, please, give me a cure or the number for a priest
'Cause what I need is the latest pill or rosary beads.

When You're Gone

Written By: Zach Caruso

I made it through today
Because you’re just a breath away
My smile hides the pain
Because it won’t be long before you’re gone, and there’s so much left to say

I hope tomorrow brings
You a life of finer things
For you, I’d give up everything
But I can’t think of myself, your life is somewhere else, and my heart is in a sling

And if I have to say goodbye
Words just won’t suffice
You’ll always shine in my heart like the dawn
Wherever you may go
With me, you’ll always have a home
And I’ll miss you when you’re gone

The leaves are changing now
To yellows, oranges, and browns
Your tears are coming down
It’s the afternoon when you tell me soon you’ll be homeward bound

Now I’m waiting on the day
When you tell me you can’t stay
And go 3,000 miles away
But when you’re headed south, just whisper out you won’t forget my name

Will you lay with me tonight
One last time under starry skies?
Diamond light like fireflies
The moon at purest white
Illuminates the night
But the brightest fare just don’t compare to the brilliance in your eyes

In the winter air I’ve found
That life is quiet now
You said you’d always be around
But what I love the most becomes a ghost when the snow is coming down


Might Be The Rain (2014)
Shades Of Blue (2012)
Neon Lights (2010)
Body & Soul (2008)