Akron, Ohio, USA

Catchy kinetic folk-pop with soul and intelligence. It is uplifting and family friendly.


A Breath of Fresh Air.

“You can’t act like you’re having this much fun.” Indeed, it is no act. It is nothing less than a genuine love for music. This love shows in everything the seasoned artist does, especially his high-energy shows, which frequently send people into “Zach Attacks” – uplifting moments where people are compulsively risen out of their seats by the passion to dance, sing, cheer, or scream out. “I love reaching people. I know I’m doing my job when people come up to me and say ‘I’m kicking drugs,’ ‘I’m quitting a job I hate to do something I’ve always wanted to do,’ ‘Your music has helped my autistic child become more sociable and make major progress with his condition,’ or ‘Your music has helped me get through some bad times, or Cancer or something, or has turned around a bad day.’ That is why I sing. How could you not put all of your passion into that?”

“You find yourself thinking about the end of the line/ I find myself thinking about it more than I mind/ but ooh the setting sun ain’t sitting down on you/ tomorrow’s love will make a way through” These lines written about his father facing terminal cancer (and are yet, even more relevant today) open What I Meant to Say, the latest offering by Akron, Ohio native Zach. This is a big year for Zach: it marks his 10-year anniversary of playing music (and over 2,000 performances) as he releases his 9th album.

The new record is something different for the singer/songwriter, as well as something that has been a long time in the making. “This is a much more personal record than any of my others. Each song comes from a place of sharp emotion – both up and down. And it has taken me a while to be able to get out of the writing process enough to write things that are really truthful and honest for me.” Many songs on this record were written about or in the aftermath of his father’s passing from Pancreatic Cancer. One, “Wherever You Are,” was written after the sudden passing of a friend. Yet, this is not a melancholy album. It is decidedly optimistic. “How could it not be? Many of these songs started in dark places, but the light found them. If you don’t have hope, then there is no point to anything. I have a song that goes I’ll die trying/ to light the night sky.”

“In the time since my last record, I’ve really come into my own, and into my own skin much more, in writing, performing, and my life in general. What I Meant to Say is a reflection of that growth.” Along with personal growth, Zach has surrounded himself with a talented band who all traveled down to Atlanta’s Tree Sound and Namaste Studios to record with Nick Chawala (Gym Class Heroes, Collective Soul, Outkast). “To lock yourself away in a different town and record is an amazing feeling. It really bonds the band. And that is important – this is definitely a band record.”

Zach started writing songs and playing guitar after he landed in a near death-bed from a burst appendix. “I really believe I was shown my path, and I’m just trying to do the best I can with it. If I can make someone smile, forget about the horrors of the day, to dance, to maybe be a little bit more conscientious of others, than I’m doing my job. Then I can be happy.”

Awards/ Recognitions:

* Best Singer/Songwriter (both Scene and Free Times Music Awards);
* 3 time winner of Best Pop Act in the Cleveland Music Festival;
* He has received over 2,500 Spins on WAPS 91.3 The Summit, and was named in the TOP 3 Artists spun on WAPS 91.3 The Summit Radio (6 places above the Beatles);
* Finalist in the national Soul City Café Music Quest (hosted be pop-star Jewel);
* Receives over 100,000 hits and growing per month on the website;
* Performs over 200 shows a year nation-wide;
* Finalist in the Billboard Song Contest;
* Had his song “On Christmas Morning” spun on over 130 radio stations, wrote the jingle/theme song for the Nationally syndicated radio show “Into the ‘70’s with Tom Kent;”
* Has sung the National Anthem at large sporting events;
* Was invited to perform at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame;
* Is a regular at the New York Songwriter Circle;
* 2 Golden Vikings for Best Folk-Pop Act;
* Has shared the stage with: Farm Aid, Chicago, Michael Bolton, Blessid Union of Souls, Gin Blossoms, Rick Springfield, Richard Thompson, Bad Company, Don Dixon, Michael Glabicki (of Rusted Root), John Eddie, Catie Curtis, Steve Poltz, Bo Diddley, Sonny Geraci, Mountain, Maia Sharp, Jen Chapin, Trevor Hall, The Fixx, Jen Foster (John Lennon Songwriter Winner), Shawn Mullins, America, Trevor Hall, Buckwheat Zydeco.



Written By: Zach

Tomorrow’s just a sunset away
And California’s a couple days
The road is clear I wish my mind was the same
Seems these thoughts can’t be rearranged

I’m a little distracted
Running with shadows
A little distracted
Living in windows

The wind has learned the way of the sea
But the red clouds the same as it waits for me
The road is clear I wish my thoughts were the same
It seems you just won’t go away


Living in windows

Tomorrow’s just a sip away
And California’s burst into flames
What is clear and what is insane
Seem to meet somewhere in your name


I’m a little distracted…


Written By: Zach

Floating trees masking the subtleties of the crux
Instant tea of graveyard dreams circling never stops
Each new day passes away to rest in its grave and
Rise as flowers

Oh yeah
And her

Blue bow skies wrap my eyes in compromise of velvet hours
Footprints of sand across your hand dawn of the stand today
Indigo tans on captured lands the fool's final chant for


Burning away

Taste and fly and eyes open to the light
See sight explode and then reload to save the knight




Written By: Zach Freidhof


I got this blue shirt on my back
To head into the city
I got my life on my back
In the Timber of a six-string

Don’t worry I won’t look back
On all that I am leaving
What’s ahead
Is so much more appealing

Welcome home
Don’t fight your soul
Welcome home
Now make yourself a new day

Got these few words in my head
As I’m flying past the pigeons
To my room at the top of the world
Where hope is still living

Don’t worry I won’t look back
On all that I am leaving
What’s ahead
Is the reason I am living


Alright I am here to stay
Alright I am not yesterday

Got this blue sky on my back
To head into the city
Got my life on track
She smiles as she’s singing



Written By: Zach Freidhof


I spend my days looking to the sky
Taken back by the clouds moving by
I cannot speak though I sometimes try
I wanna fly I just wanna fly

But here is my home on the valley floor
The mountains rise the mountains soar
Here I am just trying not to die
I wanna climb I just wanna climb

I’ve gotta get up on my feet
I’ve gotta get up on my wings
I’ve gotta get up if you feel it sing
Love is everything

And I feel I can overcome
Any fear that tries to linger on
Cuz I hear when they play your song
There’s nothing like going home

I’ve been wondering around
Searching for a higher ground
I can feel I’m close by
I’ve got a light and I wanna fly
I just gotta try

I’ve gotta get up on my feet
I’ve gotta get up on my wings
I’ve gotta get up if you feel it sing
Love is everything…


Written By: Zach Freidhof


I could be perfect if I was someone else
But maybe I’m perfect as pieces of my self

I imagine perfect as a sculpture out of stone
A story a poem
But we’re all broken Ah, Hallelujah
The missing pieces bring us home

I could be perfect if I was someone else
But maybe I’m perfect as pieces of my self
Better by the handful baby than as a full meal
I could be perfect

I imagine perfect is what’s expected
With reserve and control
But as the grass is greener we search for our redeemer
When it’s right there in the holes


it’s the mystery that makes us
That says you can’t replace us
dust to dust to flashes rising up from the ashes
When you give it all you’ve got you’ve got it all

I could be perfect if I was someone else
Maybe I’m perfect as a holy grail
To love is to discover and there is treasure all around
Baby it’s perfect
(Perfect… baby it’s perfect)...

A Way Through

Written By: Zach Freidhof

You find yourself thinking about the end of the line
I find myself thinking about it more than I mind

Oooh the setting sun ain’t sitting down for
You tomorrow’s love will make her way through
A way through

You find yourself in a world without well what’s here for you
When the day is long the light is long and doubt is here while hope is gone

Oooh the setting sun ain’t sitting down for
You tomorrow’s love will make her way through
A way through
A way through
A way through

There has got to be a way
There has got to be a way
There has got to be
There has got to be a way


Some Love

Written By: Zach Freidhof/ Charlie Trenta

Its bubbling over
Everything in sight
Ive been looking for healing
And a rest from the fight

So I’ve opened up your arms
And crawled inside
Ive been looking for a feeling
One I cant deny

Im on my way to a better place ive got my eyes on the road
So if you don’t mind will you let me stay help me soothe my soul
Cuz I need some love
To get me home

My souls gone under
Some cold cold spell
Ive been waiting for a moment
To tip the scale


Take my hand
take me away
from my head
Lift me up
to show me I
can make waves of love
And healing

Im on my way to a better place ive got the pedal thru the floor
So if you don’t mind I’ll let you in we can run the course
Cuz I need to know if love can grow in a life of thorns
Im on my way
to find grace…

(c)2008 ZEF Music/BMI

Ever After

Written By: Z. Freidhof

You can rest you head without worry
Go on and relax yourself tonight
Just go and drift off in dream or a memory
Of things to come

You can slow down now there’s no hurry
We can groove in that purple rain (summer rain)
Let me lift off all your troubles
Let me start by saying:

In the morning it’s alright I’ll be there
In the evening to hold you tight I’ll be there
With the sunlight in my eyes I’ll be there
Ever after and with laughter I’ll be there

You’ve reached the best part of the story (now)
It all gets good from here
So just get off to the melody
Of you are mine baby and I am yours

I can hear your singing
I can hear it all around
And it’s lifting me off the ground


I’ll be there…


"What I Meant to Say" (2009) LP
-- features the singles A Way Through, Ever After, Runway, Perfect

"Lost + Found" (2008) LP
-- features Every Time I ThinkAbout Her, Paper Dreams, and See From the Stage

"1.19.2007" (2007) LP
-- features the singles Manifest, Perfect, Heart Never Rusts, as well as a few very inspired and choice cover songs

"Into the 70's with Tom Kent" (2005)
-- syndicated radio show -- wrote and performed the theme song on the nightly show

"On Christmas Morning" (2005) Single
--Holiady single released to over 130 radio stations nationally

Face With a View (2005) LP
-- featuring the radio singles: "Distracted (Saturn Mix)", "Sundown", "Girl in the Corner (Chase Me Away)", "Chances", "If"

Mesmerize (2005) LP
-- an acoustic solo CD that captures Zach in a semi-live setting. featuring "Sweet Bird," "Life," "The Fade," and "What Do I Do."

Beautiful Possession (2002) LP
-- featuring the radio single "Son of the Circus"

91.3 FM WAPS The Summit's "Bandwidth V2.0" (2001) -- featuring "Distracted" live

Turquoise Dreams (2000) LP
-- featuring the radio singles: "Sweet Bird", "Turquoise Dreams", "Listen"

Set List

Zach has material for 120 minutes of original music. He is also known to perform his take on John Lennon's "Imagine", Prince's "Purple Rain" and "When Doves Cry," U2's "With or Without You", and Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" as well as his version of songs by the White Stripes, The Verve, Michael Jackson, Bill Withers, Steve Poltz, Neil Young, Tom Petty, James Taylor, and even the occasional polka.